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  1. medianerd, Look on the bright side, at least you got in somewhere! There may be someone you know who's jealous of you right now!
  2. lauras

    What are my chances????

    If this is true, I think you should shorten the writing sample by three pages if you throw in another MA application somewhere. I'm not an authority by any means, and I don't have any acceptances in my pocket or anything to lend credibility to my advice, but I would guess a strong begining to your paper is more important than meeting the length requirement. If you still feel like you want to "pad" the length, move your intro toward the end as a summary, if there are good points in it you really don't want to sacrifice. Especially in the first few pages, I think it's important to grab the reader, who has 200 - 400 more papers to read. If the person reading your essay were your personal advisor already, they might take the time to peel through the "fat" to your main points, but since they have soooooo many papers to read, they are probably not predisposed to doing so in an admission type situation. And CUNY is a fine school, you shouldn't be down on yourself for attending CUNY. It's easy to look across town at Columbia or something and feel inferior, but there's no reason to (Many non-Harvard students in Boston sometimes feel the same way, even though all the Boston schools are really great places). The main thing is to make your sample as good as it can be, not look for other perceived deficiencies in your resume. Good luck on your other apps!
  3. Orinincadenza, Harvard Extension also has a wide array of on-line courses which they call "distance education." Ultimately, the class room interaction and advice on papers can't be replaced on-line, but you might be able to start a degree on-line and move to Boston eventually, or simply take a semester of distance education at Harvard to supplement something you take locally.
  4. lauras

    Really foolish topic, I know

    That's your body's way of telling you you need to study a little less and start dating more.
  5. Here's the link to their course offerings at Harvard Extension: http://dceweb.harvard.edu/prod/sswckce.taf?wgrp=EXT I see from your other posts that you like Science Fiction. They don't have much in that area, but it might be a good chance for you to fill in some areas you may have neglected, like Milton, Chaucer, Shakespeare, Beowulf, etc. This will also make you a stronger applicant in the long run Best of Luck!
  6. vecrhite, If you want a good "backup" plan to put your mind at ease, instead of applying to another expensive school, why not resolve to go the the Harvard Extension School for a M.L.A.? I'm sure that you'll get in to at least ONE of your 22, but it is a very competetive year, so it's good to have a backup plan. Harvard's Extension School is associated with Harvard and offers undergraduate AND graduate level courses to the public with no entry requirements. Anyone who wants to can sign up for classes and though their degree is a "Master of Liberal Arts" not an MA (won't count for grad credit toward your PhD) It will prepare you for graduate school and greatly improve your chances of getting accepted to a good program. They are very friendly and inclusive there (Assistant Dean Sue Weaver-Schopf is a wonderful lady!) and I've been happy with the quality and structure of the courses I've taken there, whether English Lit or Foreign Language classes. If you enroll in the program and take 3 classes a semester, you qualify for student loans/financial aide the same as any other school.
  7. lauras

    Percentage of applicants admitted

    If YOU are accepted by a school, then YOUR acceptance rate is 100% for that school. If you are rejected, the rate is 0% I think that's all any of us really care about, since none of us will be 20% accepted.
  8. lauras

    Temporary Insanity (The New School)

    Why not assume you got in and just show up the first day. Tell the department secretary you're a new grad student and need an office assignment. Seems to me that once worked for George Costanza.
  9. Bernie Madoff's list of victims was published today and included schools such as Brandeis, Columbia and Brooklyn College. Other schools have taken hits to their endowments, for instance, BC cut many services, but pledged to keep funding of new students at consistent levels. I have heard rumors that other schools have financial problems, but nothing substantiated. Has anyone else read specific reports about recent losses to endowments? Is anyone else concerned about getting into a 7 year financial relationship this year, when the dust is still settling?
  10. lauras

    How many times would you reapply?

    I would definately reapply at least once. Schools often give you a slight bump up if you reapply. I also have applied to several schools in the same "level," and I think most people do the same. If I apply to 3 top programs and then reapply and still don't get in, I'm figuring I'm just not going to get in to any of them. I would only reapply a second time if something about my application significantly changed, for example, if I got a master's degree.
  11. Awesome! That's a great school! You must be thrilled to start off with such a strong +1! UVA notified at the begining of February last year, so I guess UVA hopefulls are up next
  12. If you are applying all over the country, just mark the region of your first choice.
  13. lauras

    Web Still Reporting Missing Documents

    There were two schools that I applied to which used embark, all of them showed I was missing either a LOR, a transcript or my GRE scores. I emailed someone in the department, and they assured me my application was complete. Embark is usually wrong, so don't panick, but do double check.
  14. It's like playing pool, you need to shoot through the shot. I'm already working on my statement for when I reapply next year. It just helps me deal with the uncertainty.
  15. lauras

    Writing sample - reassurance?

    Maybe you should call the department and ask. I know everyone is afraid to "bother" the admissions offices, but the 2 or 3 interactions I've had with schools over questions like this have been very friendly and helpful. Or if you're really paranoid about getting a bad rep, use a fake name and disguise your voice. :idea:

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