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  1. Hello there, Just finished my Oral defense for my MS in Math...looking forwards towards PhD in Statisitcs (have a BS in Stat)...I seriously want to get back to school this fall...I have already missed deadlines for most of the schools...Are there any other schools with late deadline and fairly competitive when it comes to funding...
  2. Mate, I feel for you...I have wrote to the graduate director several times...I never heard back from him...my best wishes for you
  3. Hello there, I am waiting to hear from the graduate schools in Statistics/Biostatistics for Fall 2012. I am not a high achiever. My undergraduate (major: Statistics) gpa is 3.59 and my graduate(MS in Math) gpa in 3.39, gre (750+490)...I have done research in statistics and working towards getting a paper published...I have "a little below expert" programming skills in R... I have applied to schools like UC-Riverside, Utah State University, University of Kansas, and George Washington. I was wondering if anyone could guide me through my chances of getting funded at any of the above schools...I am quite stressed about it....
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