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  1. Hey everyone - Just got final word from UCLA via email that they will not be accepting any applicants off the wait list this year due to a large number of applicants and economic restraints. It's okay, though, I had already mentally moved on. CSU Northridge it is! I already had my field placement interview... in just a few short months, my life will be changing dramatically! Can't wait... Best of luck to everyone, I hope you all end/ed up where you want!!
  2. Thanks, guys! Kristela - Lance informed me that of about 70 people they have waitlisted so far, less than 20 have requested to remain on the list. He said he should know more in terms of how many people total are on the list by next week and told me it would be okay for me to shoot him an email then for an update. I did ask whether the list was ranked but he didn't respond to that question, so I may ask him that again next week. Kimmeth - absolutely no communication from Berkeley recently. You? As of now... I am moving forward with Cal State Northridge, somewhat reluctantly, I will admit. But I think ultimately where you get your MSW matters less than where you get field placements, and I do know that Northridge students are placed right alongside UCLA and USC students in many of the same agencies around LA/SFV. Not to mention it is less expensive, which helps me a lot. The only way I'd end up at UCLA or Berkeley at this point is if they were to admit me within the next few weeks. After that, I would no longer feel comfortable withdrawing from Northridge. Good luck to all of you, let us know where you all decide on!
  3. I'm in the exact same boat. Moving on....
  4. i too got wait listed. but wasn't even informed until i emailed Lance again today and he said i 'should have' already received the email and forwarded me a copy of the email i should have gotten.
  5. i think i am officially the last to know... *nervous*
  6. i guess the waiting is dragging on into next week.. somehow. :evil:
  7. just wanted to lament somewhere that i still haven't heard from UCLA.
  8. i still haven't heard. i don't understand. blah.
  9. im with you on this one. i actually did this last year - accepted an offer, paid deposit, then later withdrew (in june) in favor of reapplying to more schools this year. it was really no big deal. they actually offered me deferment as an option, which i took. i say YOU are your number 1 priority.
  10. tamara?!? is that you? it's melissa - welcome to the place i obsessively check 25-50 times a day in hopes of updates on people hearing from UCLA (as I am STILL waiting). anyway - i totally feel your pain on this dilemma. i am coming to the conclusion that i will be attending cal state northridge as it's really the only option i can afford - probably even if i do still get into ucla. my top choices were berkeley and texas, but since i was waitlisted to berkeley and i cant seem to figure out how to afford texas... northridge, here i come! sorry i cant offer more help - but if you dont already have student loan debt (and i dont think you do?) id strongly consider going where your heart desires. IF i had none (i have around 31k from undergrad), i'd be moving to Austin, TX, no doubt about it. it's worth it to go somewhere you feel is a strong fit and that will really help you get to where you want in the realm of your career. good luck.. keep me posted. (and im seeing you saturday night right???) you can private message me or whatever.
  11. Congrats flowerchicken!!! (cant deny it - IM JEALOUS! why havent i heard yet? *tear) When do they want the acceptance from you?
  12. Yeah.. I have a feeling I am rejected from UCLA and that's why I haven't gotten a call. I doubt they would call rejects.. lol. So maybe I'm just in the period of time where they send their rejection to the graduate division and then they have to update it on the web site. *sigh* Anyway, i am having the same trouble with accepting an offer prior to having all the necessary info! I'm still waiting from UCLA, and then CSU Northridge hasn't sent me financial aid info, and neither has ASU. UT at Austin is the most likely place I will end up at this point, as they have been the most thorough and helpful, plus I love their program options. UT wanted to know by April 12 (!) but I extended to the end of April. One thing - I noticed someone just posted an acceptance from Berkeley's MSW program this past Friday. I wonder if they got pulled of the wait list? That's another thing I'm waiting on, but I'm not holding my breath on that one...
  13. still no word from UCLA.... just sent the social welfare department another email (after leaving a voicemail a few weeks back and never receiving a response). i am disappointed in this process very much.
  14. i have NO idea whether leaving messages for them is a good thing or not? i left a voicemail for lance on friday afternoon and have received no response in any way. i, too, am very sad/frustrated by how LONG this is taking them. i thought we'd have to hear for sure by today but now im not feeling so confident. i dont want to keep bugging them either... but cant they just TELL us? it's sooo maddening and it definitely makes me feel like those of us who havent heard yet are just rejection letter afterthoughts.
  15. although i havent officially accepted yet, i am just waiting for a few details to shake out and i will be likely accepting for a spring 2010 start date (deferring a semester due to logistical reasons). i visited austin a few weeks ago and had a great time! im very excited to spend a few years there... would be moving around november. congrats to everyone!
  16. yeah, i left a message friday afternoon. but they have never been great at responding to me, so im not surprised i havent heard yet.
  17. congrats kimmeth! im sure hoping that i hear from UCLA one way or another this week... the waiting is killing me! as far as berkeley vs. ucla... since you dont have a formal acceptance from berkeley, you can't really consider them an option at this point. i know it sucks - and i'm in the same boat! but i think you should move forward at this point and make the best decision you can with the information you have TODAY. if you end up getting in berkeley off the waitlist, you can definitely reconsider and nothing is FINAL until you are at a school in the fall taking classes. while it would suck to have to say yes to a school and then withdraw later... ive done that, and ultimately, you have to do what's best for YOU. good luck and let me know what ends up happening!
  18. honestly, it totally sucks to have to accept and then later withdraw (esp b/c you lose any enrollment deposit you may have paid). it sucks b/c you may be taking a spot from someone else that really would want to go there. that being said... if there is no other option and you cant lose the school you are accepting as an option, then i say go for it. last year, i applied only to usc b/c it was the only program i really wanted to attend. i was accepted but wouldn't know all my funding info until may or june, so i accepted enrollment, paid the deposit, then later withdrew b/c i just couldn't afford it, even with the funding they offered me. they didn't give me a hard time at all, i simply called and notified them as soon as i knew for sure. that's my plan with at least one of the schools i am looking at. i feel dishonest about it, but then again, at the end of the day.. you have to look out for you. especially when other schools are not respecting you by giving you answers in a timely matter. good luck!
  19. Sorry I didn't get back to this sooner. I applied to the Child & Family Services concentration. I haven't yet contacted my concentration head... not sure if i plan on it. While Berkeley is one of my top choices, I'm not sure logistically I can make it work. If i don't get into UCLA, it will probably be a bigger consideration, but at this point, I'm just going to let it play out with the wait list as it will. What concentration are you? I wonder if they accept equal amounts of students across each concentration, or if some are more heavily waitlisted than others. Anyway, good luck and keep me updated! Maybe we'll end up at the same place!
  20. I JUST placed a call to the social welfare department at UCLA and got Lance Brooks' voicemail. Left a message requesting an update on when I can expect an admissions decision. At this point... as much as it sucks, I'm thinking we must all be on a waitlist and will get notified April 15, once they figure out who is accepting and who isn't. I'm not really expecting to hear anything before then anymore... I'm tired of mentally agonizing over this. I am INCREDIBLY disappointed with how they've handled this... we all deserve the respect of an answer one way or another prior to now. If we ARE on a wait list, we deserve that notification as well. I have already had to ask for an extension at one school and actually accept enrollment at another, which I feel terrible about doing. But at April 10... it's like, what other options do we have? UCLA was my first app that I finished in December, I just can't believe I still don't know.
  21. Ah, i see. Yeah I remember seeing that thread on Squidoo a few weeks back but didnt realize people had updated since then with acceptances! Boo... I guess that means we are more likely to be candidates they are on the fence about? Perhaps an informal waitlist... Either way, no I cannot log in to check status on that site anymore! Weird. But the place I have been obsessively checking is here: https://www.gradadmissions.ucla.edu/new ... Status.asp I am pretty sure this is the page that will update once they DO make a decision, but I think they will email us to notify us of an update here, so obsessively checking it over and over again isn't really going to get us anywhere... doesn't stop me from doing it a few times a day though! Argh!
  22. thanks for this update - hearing about anyone in the same boat definitely helps put my anxious mind to ease... i really can't believe we STILL don't know. how do you know that some people already know? do you have friends applying to the program as well? i haven't found any information on any of these boards where people actually have a decision from them, but then again, this is a very small population so i definitely know it's likely that some people do have decisions. it just seems like they are REALLY dragging this whole process out! definitely keep me posted... i wish you the best of luck!
  23. I actually don't have a name of a person I contacted at Berkeley, I just emailed them here: socwelf@berkeley.edu This is the exact response I got: The Wait List is not ranked numerically, rather in alpha form. We have have perhaps about 50 people on the list (from all the 6 tracks). Every year the number varies so it's hard to estimate what it will be this year. You can check in with us next month as to your status. Perhaps I misunderstood what 'alpha form' means... what do you estimate that it means? I'll definitely keep you posted... UCLA is driving me NUTS!
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