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  1. Crazy right. Yeah I could do that, but I ultimately made the decision to decline those programs and will stick to it. Just can't believe my top choice strung me along for so long. Oh well, it's not the end of the world. So, here's to doing it all again next year. At least I'll get to excitedly check my mailbox again next Feb/March.
  2. I had turned down all of my acceptances except my top choice only to learn yesterday that my funding was not approved by the graduate school and there would be no financial aid offered at all other than loans. This was very upsetting news to receive. Guess I'll be doing this thing again next year. This iwhole process is utterly ridiculous!
  3. I am curious if anyone who visits this forum has gone through this process in previous years and passed on some good opportunities in hopes of getting better offers the next year and then come up short. I have some decent offers this year but am very confident in my work and am considering trying again next year in hopes of being accepted at more prestigious schools with better offers. Yet, I fear that if I do that, I might not even get as good of results as I got this year. I know that so much of the selection process of these schools is based on building a solid incoming class where everyone
  4. Yeah, just checked my online application with Tyler and see that I have been denied. Still no letter from them. Not too sad since I have my UNC acceptance, this program seems headed in the right direction and the students are actually putting out high quality work (recent Joan Mitchell and Dedalus recipients). Don't know about financials from them yet. Anyone else apply to UNC this year? With that said, the sting of rejection is still fierce. Hope good news is headed everyone's way soon. This is a trying process.
  5. Notified yesterday of acceptance to UNC Chapel Hill.
  6. Thanks for the info on Boulder. It really does seem like a great program on the upswing. The faculty, facilities, and other resources all seem top notch. Not to mention the sun, which for a Southern expat currently living in Seattle is a huge draw for me. I have an interview this friday with them and look forward to learning more about it. All that said, the lack of exposure to galleries and curators is a little worrisome to me. That is a huge part of choosing to go to grad school.
  7. Found this interview with Dave Hickey from a few months ago : http://galleristny.com/2012/10/dave-hickey-retiring-sort-of-interview/ A think both of these men are divisive in the art world. Understandably, as they both have strong opinions, which is probably why they are well known in the first place. I finally listened to the SVA lecture by D. Hickey posted a little ago. What I liked about his talk was that he addressed both of your points of realness and illogicality by mentioning that he would not have been as successful as a critic/theorist if a few, better ones hadn't died. Ultimately
  8. Awesome! Me too. Feels good to hear something finally. Good luck on your interview.
  9. Cograts gweaver, your work is high quality. Tyler is one of my top choices, so now that I know they are sending out interview requests I'm getting nervous as hell. Wasn't really all that concerned with hearing back from schools until I started checking out this forum, now I am crackling with anticipation. Doesn't help that it's been slow at work lately. Good luck to everyone as the news rolls in.
  10. Michael, I am in the same boat as Aethryin, you have some strong work. The recontexualization is presented wonderfully, really illustrating the craft of the everyday. Ameliej, your work is very strong as well. Reading your statement after looking through your images, rest assured that you are effectively getting your purpose across. Like Michael, I believe you should aim high, most likely you'll be the one narrowing down choices. Keep the work coming, fantastic work by everyone so far. It's great looking at artist's work in this context.
  11. @Josholas, Thank you for your response. I am glad you enjoyed the work and responded to the emphasis on drawing and mark-making. It is such a fundamentally important part of any process that it lends itself quite well to prolonged investigation and contemplation. I will take a look at the programs you have mentioned, as I have not previously looked at either. Best of luck to you in your search.
  12. There was a similar thread posted for a previous application season, which I found very interesting. It is a nice way to see artists' work that you might not normally come across, learn what this set of applicants are putting out there, and, of course, create a nice dialogue. I am still very much in the narrowing down phase of choosing where to apply, so any suggestions for schools where my style and concerns might fit would be appreciated, as well as any general comments that you might like to make. Good luck to all applicants this year. I wish you great success, and look forward to seein
  13. There is much quality work here. Well done. Might I add: website.
  14. Thanks for the replies. True on all fronts. I am already looking at a few drawing/painting programs as well as some multi-disciplinary programs. I was just curious about the MFA programs solely devoted to drawing. I have found a few, UMASS at Dartmouth for one. I do feel that since my interest is contemporary work and not traditional drawing, my best bet is the multi-disciplinary programs and forward thinking painting/drawing programs. I guess I was just curious if anyone knew of MFA programs that are doing any interesting work with a drawing focus, or programs with faculty doing interesting w
  15. Does anyone know about MFA programs that have an emphasis on drawing. A lot of the programs seem to just throw drawing in with the painting focus. My work is all about the examination of the drawing medium and I would like to pursue an MFA at an institution with either a drawing emphasis option or faculty well known for their work in drawing. I am talking about contemporary drawing not something classically based. Any recommendations would be helpful as I'm not coming up with too much in my research.
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