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  1. Thanks for the kind words! Maybe I will get off the wait list for U of T. But I have been admitted to U of Waterloo's part-time BSW program to start this fall. And that may very well be the best - although longer - path for me. It'll give me more time to save up money in order to take time off to go back full-time to get my MSW. I guess getting into the advanced program will be easier as they seem to accept more applicants. And I have a consolation prize! I'd already determined that if I don't get into a full-time MSW program this fall, I'll be taking a trip to England in the fall. England
  2. Mine, too. Last year I made it to their waiting list and this year it says unsuccessful. Frustrating. I have an A- average. Did stats, research and a research apprenticeship. I got 92% on my thesis. Majored in social development studies. Have 20+ years working for welfare, employment insurance, as an advocate for injured workers, as an employment counsellor, and as a special needs educator. If it's not enough for them, I'm not sure what is. I wonder if my age is a barrier. This is my 2nd year applying and 2nd year not accepted. I won't be applying again. Clearly, I don't have what the
  3. That was me tweeting (bookluver1965). I'm not overly confident either that we're going to hear soon.My experience last year was that no matter who you asked at York or whenever you asked, they were always "just" about to send the results out. Last year, it wasn't until late-May that I was notified I was on the waiting list. I think my status was updated on MyFile sometime in August.
  4. Hmmm. Got on the waiting list at U of T. Not exactly the answer I wanted, but at least they're quick at getting out results.
  5. Congrats to everyone who has received an offer! To the rest of us waiting for U of T decisions - don't despair. It sounds as if all decisions have gone out in the mail. Not hearing back today doesn't mean we didn't get in. We'll probably be out of our misery within the next day or two. Past experience with York suggests it'll probably be another 2 or 3 weeks before we find out from them. The wait is almost over
  6. Don't give up. I know it's easier said than done but try not to stress too much over it. You will find out in due course. I was obsessive with checking last year, sometimes several times a day. This year, I'm trying not to let it control me. We've all made it this far which shows that we have the spirit of social work within us. No matter where our career path takes us, I'm confident that we're all going to make positive changes in the world, both big and small
  7. My experience from applying last year, is that the schools never send the acceptances out when they say they will. Just wanted to give you a heads up, so you're not too worried if you don't hear back next week. York, for example, has a stock response when anyone calls (whenever they call) ... it's always 2 weeks from whenever. I didn't find out from York until end of May last year.
  8. I'm so happy to see you'll be attending U of T in the fall. Congrats! Last year I applied to the 2-year MSW program at York only and this year I've applied at both York and U of T. I got accepted into U of W's distance ed BSW program last year but deferred it for a year to give another try for an MSW. So far, the application process has gone smoother although I'm trying not to be too obsessive with checking MyFile and the U of T page. After the lengthy wait last year for York applicants, I'm prepared not to hear anything before the end of May.
  9. I think I may have you all beat ... If I get in this year, I'll be nearly 48 years old. Meaning I'll be almost 50 when I graduate *sigh*
  10. Although MyFile at York changed to "reviewed-unsuccessful" and I subsequently received a form letter in the mail saying pretty much the same thing, I e-mailed the School of Social Work and asked for confirmation. After all, they had previously told me that I was on the waiting list. They promptly replied and told me that my application was not successful, etc. A week later? I get another e-mail saying no, actually it appears that I am on the waiting list. Really these people should give up on Social Work and go into drama. They'd be great at writing farce.
  11. Yes, mine has changed as well to "reviewed-unsuccessful." Not entirely sure what to make of that. The e-mail I received had said I would be informed by mail.
  12. Hi diy88! Glad you found the group and thanks for sharing the info. I received an e-mail on May 15 to say I was waitlisted for York's 2-yr MSW, although the e-mail arrived after I contacted them first. Based on past posts on this group page, there is no consistency in how York is letting people know if they are not accepted or waitlisted. Also, as a lot of us have found out, the Admissions department has absolutely no clue what is going on with the Social Work department and they seem to provide random answers that have no basis in fact. I'd sincerely like to hope that we'll find out someth
  13. I took my stats course on-line from University of Waterloo. It was definitely a challenging course, but the exam was open-book so that helped. You can take it online but you write the final exam at a supervised exam centre (or, you get a proctor). For me, success came from learning which formulas to use for what type of question but also (as it was open-book) to organize the text book really well with tabs and highlights so that you can find the correct formula quickly. I don't know if all schools have open book exams for stats (or even if U of Waterloo still does it that way). I took it a lon
  14. Thanks Nala, for the update! Was the orientation just for people registered in the 2-year MSW? I'm wondering if you got an idea of how many people have already accepted (i.e., did it look like a full class)? Cheers, Laurie
  15. Sorry to hear kk12345 and KA2012. It's too bad that it took so long to let people know. Good luck to everyone still waiting to hear back!
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