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  1. No. Before they recommend you for committee review, they have to go through all applicants' transcripts.
  2. At U of T grades is what matters most. However, not all students who get in have excellent grades. Grades do not make a great social worker, and the admissions committee for sure also acknowledges that. So having a lower than A- or even a flat B, or lower than B does not mean you're already excluded. It is a false assumption that people make because admission may be also based on your experiences. Some people in the program have extensive volunteer or work experience in health and social services organization with direct client components while others have been involved in many social justice,
  3. Yes. I remember one of my referees telling me that the schools I applied to have very different templates. The schools usually send the referees a link where they have to answer questions about you and your qualifications relevant to the program. So make sure you have set up an appointment with all your potential referees ahead of time so that you can sit down and talk to them about your CV and your experiences and why you deserve a reference letter. Also ask them politely but straight-forward if they can write you an "excellent" recommendation letter. Good just shouldn't cut it. Make sure you
  4. Congratulations!!! I also am in the same boat as you. I confirmed both schools offer of admission (in my case UOfT and York) and paid the deposits to save my spot in the programs. If you plan to officially withdraw from either program it has to be done before you enrol in any classes. I haven't sent my withdrawal letter as I haven't decided on which one actually suits my professional and academic interests. BUt I guess in your case you can write the program admission coordinator to inform theme hat you are withdrawing your spot from the program. Good luck. And if ever I choose U of T, I hope t
  5. Thank you so much for giving your inputs. I really appreciate all of them. I bumped into one of my referees in the bus the other day and she wants me to choose York and even my friend who went to U of T wants me to go to York. My parents, on the other hand, want me to go to U of T. Personally, I consider both institutions as excellent schools for graduate studies having attended numerous symposiums and conferences at both schools. For the mean time, I am considering to accept both offers and will attend the orientation at both schools. I will officially withdraw from one of the 2 schoo
  6. Hi everyone, I hope everyone is well and I hope most of you have gotten into the school of your choice. I want to ask everyone their opinion regarding U of T and York's MSW program. I had been admitted to both and trying to decide which school to choose. York was originally my first choice, because of the research framework in the MSW program is what I want to use in my research. Plus, given the fact that they offer such a generous funding for the 2 years, they're making it so attractive to go there. However, since I have been exposed to U of T and its academic environment and locatio
  7. Just saw my status in my file and i have been admitted to York MSW 2 year program... Now this is really making me really think about which program would suit me best. I have to really think this through, as my my research interest is offered as a specialization at U of T and York has the professors with the framework i want to work with.. but then social work is a professional program; hence, clinical practicum is essential too. Ugh! I have decisions to make! Congrats to everyone who've gotten in and those who are waiting still i hope the odds are in your favor and i hope when i decline o
  8. Hi Erin123, I did outreaching and social justice education to youth, women, and workers in my community. My experience is mostly in the collective setting, where discussions and education on social issues are huge parts of realizing the different kinds of oppression and marginalization experienced by many immigrant communities.
  9. Hi Erin123, Thank you! My experiences include paid academic research assistantship, paid community research assistantship, community involvement, organizing, and advocacy, university volunteerism, field placement experiences in healthcare, plus some qualifying certifications to a healthcare profession. Good luck on your applications...
  10. Hello admdon, My status in the application portal changed last monday from 'Under Review' to 'Decision Made'. I just checked the ROSI website and my status states 'Invited'. So if you haven't received your package, and you have been invited, it is more than likely that you have been offered admission to to the program. All the best.
  11. I just received my package from U of T... got accepted... whew! thank goodness... congratulations to everyone who got accepted... those who were waitlisted, good luck and i hope that the odds are in your favour. this forum has been very therapeutic for me...
  12. Let's both keep a positive outlook. I really hope that this does not mean bad news for me... coz people who have been admitted in the advanced standing did not have a change in status until they have forwarded confirmation to their acceptances... well it's all done now anyways, all we can do now is just wait... good luck @jenste... and congratulations to everyone who got in...
  13. So no mail has come in my mailbox yet.. this is killing me... i am really getting very anxious and it doesn't help that i have a take home final exam right now... i looked at the u of t online portal and it says 'decision made'... i wonder if everyone have the same status... wow... this is just so stressful...:'( good luck everyone...
  14. It's been a while since I last posted here. But I just want to extend my congratulations to those people who've all been admitted to an MSW program. I am getting really nervous about my application since all of you have amazing experiences and gpa to back up your applications. hopefully mine was good enough. SO i guess later today, U of T will be mailing out the admission decisions. Hoping that we all make it through. But just a question: Have your Application status changed in the U of T online application portal? mine still says under review, which makes me really really wor
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