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  1. Right. Just discovered scholem. Bergson. Henri Corbin. James Hillman. My work is cut out for me.
  2. I would say the world still hasn't caught up with jung herder Nietzsche the upanishads The Vedas marx and even Freud.
  3. Who are the good psychologists to read then? I would argue I would argue that becoming a jungian analyst is difficult and that insurance companies don't like to pay for it and that most people don't have the stuff to become Jungian analyst universities couldn't exactly crank out jungian analyst so the fact that empirical evidence shows the other forms of psychology are more revealing just means that those are the kinds of psychology that won out in the battle with insurance companies big money big psychology and the powers-that-be I'm not really good at putting all this into words what about Gregory Bateson he's an anthropologist and psychologist.
  4. Um gonna take the bait. Answer: because I have enough insight into mind/psyche/reality to know that it ain't nobody's business if I do.
  5. Sorry. I want to be an anthropologist. Not a psychology grad student. I am thinking of doing a masters in either Caribbean folklore o r Caribbean literature
  6. Yes I am not joking. He knows more than me.
  7. Not at all. I will ask my Jungian analyst what he thinks about this.
  8. I love reading these guys. Can't get enough of von Franz or edinger either. What should a young wannabe Jungian do?
  9. Radical drama/psychoanalysis

    Interesting topic. I like brecht. Are you familiar with wole soyinka or Derek Walcott? Good luck. Do you follow Jung or Lacan?
  10. Kentucky for Caribbean folklore

    Boas often recommended his students study English or folklore. Well I like folklore well enough. I am wondering if anyone knows about studying Caribbean folklore at Kentucky. Thanks.
  11. They talk about it in Edgar mittleholzer trilogy of novels. The kaywana trilogy. But be careful. Every time I pretend I'm a character in an African or Caribbean novel people say I'm racist. Anyway. Good little trilogy.
  12. The Positivity Thread

    Received three Sidney Mintz books. Also got dompim. The myth of the Negro past. The Hubert Henry Harrison reader. Maurice bishop speaks. Jung,s visions seminar. Jung on evil. Four zora Neal hurston novels in one volume. Black metropolis. Half of a yellow Sun. And finally Europe and the people without history. My dad got me all these books. Have already read half of a yellow Sun. One sixth of the way through Europe and the people without history.