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  1. Yup. My (soon to be ex?) husband played that game with me for months.
  2. I was assigned one when I applied, and told to check it regularly.
  3. Grad school is a magical place where my predominate personality flaws are turned into virtues.
  4. I told my family and close friends right away but waited over a month to tell my in-laws. It was really hard because there was no way of explaining to my MIL what a PhD means -- all she gleaned from the conversation was that I was dragging her son across the country for more school. She tries really hard to be supportive but she has no idea what I do for a living. After trying to explain countless times what I meant when I talked about defending my MA thesis, I gave up and talked about buying a new outfit for the defense instead After we told the in-laws, I made a FB status announcing that I'd accepted a place in X University's English PhD program. Since then, I've had a lot of people making snarky remarks about how I'll be going another 4-5 years without an income. I secretly love it, because then I get to tell them about my 6-figure funding package and bask in the awkward silence.
  5. Received my letter today. For those interested, I won the 20k fellowship with a 12.2 score.
  6. Received word from SGS that I've been awarded a fellowship for 4 years. Still no letter here on the east coast. .
  7. These past few days have felt longer than the previous 6 months of waiting on SSHRC. If I end up having to go through this process again next year, I'm staying away from Gradcafe! (lol jk, I'll be back).
  8. Congrats to all those who received good news today! And solidarity for those who will be striving to keep our sanity over the weekend. We are so close.
  9. Ugh I have a paper due monday but zero ability to focus
  10. I hope not. That would be a really jerky thing to do.
  11. The only other person in my department in the running for doctoral sshrc "doesn't really care because he already has funding." What. I'm grateful for the internet because now I can assure myself that HE is the crazy one, not me.
  12. I bet they're all laughing at us at the annual conference of external fellowship and graduate award coordinators (ACEFGAC).
  13. Congrats pbaid and surefire! I wish that my school would put us out of our misery.
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