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GRE scores delivered but not shown on my CSDCAS application??

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So I sent my GRE scores from ETS months ago to all of the schools I'm applying to with the correct codes and everything. A school reached out to me the other day saying they never got my GRE scores, which i thought was weird since I did everything right. I emailed CSDCAS about this asking them to verify, but they haven't gotten back to me in 4 days. The deadline for many of my schools is the 15th. After double checking everything, I realized that somehow I managed to enter my birthday on CSDCAS as one day away from my real birthday, which ETS has. I believe this is why my scores aren't posted to my account. After realizing this and freaking out, I emailed all of my schools asking them if they got my scores or not. I haven't heard anything for anyone. All of my applications are submitted and verified. I even have the ETS confirmation for where I sent all of my scores, when, and how much my credit card got charged. So since I got charged and did everything else right, they must be at CSDCAS, just not connected to my account?? Has this happened to anyone before, where the schools make an exception because everything else is in and technically my scores were delivered to CSDCAS?? I can't imagine all of this money and time being wasted over a simple electronic error. If anyone has any insight please let me know!!! 


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Hold tight for now, you've done everything within your power. You did the right thing emailing the schools! Hopefully it was just the one school and everyone else got it. If not, it may be possible to send your scores directly to the school or resubmit them to CSDCAS. Wait for them to reply and maybe you can fix the mistake and that will be it. With any luck the programs will be willing to work with you! I really hope it works out!


I would also hang on to everything that you've been given--anything from CSDCAS, ETS, the schools themselves, etc. and put them in a folder in your email so you have them handy as proof that you've submitted everything!

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