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I made a huge mistake, has anyone else done this?

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I went to submit an application last night through CSDCAS just after 9 pm my time, and realized that the deadline had already passed because the deadline was in EST. CSDCAS wouldn't let me submit it at all. I emailed the school's admissions, but they haven't gotten back to me. Should I call them? CSDCAS's website says that schools can grant an extension, but the school has to reach out to CSDCAS. Has this ever happened to anyone else, and did anyone have any luck? I feel so bad about myself.

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it has never happened to me but i would definitely call the school, don't wait for them to email you back because it will take forever for them to respond.

Good luck!!

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It really depends on the school.  I had something similar happen with one school last year, and they reopened their CSDCAS application for me (WOW), and another school I missed out on.  Good luck!  Definitely contact the school's department.  

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