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What should I do?



I applied to two PhD programs and one MA program. I was accepted to the MA program, but haven't heard back from either PhD program. I know one of the institutions hasn't made their decisions but the other has already administered their acceptance/rejection letters and I haven't received anything! I don't know what is going on. Should I touch base with the faculty member I applied to work with (I was in contact with him before I applied, so he knows who I am)? I don't know what to do. 

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How long ago did decisions start coming out?  You could be somewhere on an unofficial waitlist or a borderline case. If it’s only been a few days wait it out.  My waitlist notification came two weeks after the first acceptance and one week after the first rejection so it can definitely take time.  I debated back and forth about emailing but I decided that I was going to wait until after their visit weekend to contact.   Maybe start a draft of an email to the professor sleep on it for a few days and then send it.  I had to clear my browser’s cache to get a decision to show up on a portal so that might be something you can try if you haven’t already.  

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