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Funding negotiation w/ USC Price and GWU Trachtenberg (MPP)


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Hi all,
I'm lucky enough to have received a half tuition scholarship from USC, and a 2/3 tuition scholarship from GWU. No mention of living stipends or other assistantships. Including my scholarships, tuition alone would cost me roughly 40K at USC, and 20K at GWU. 
For what I want to do, the schools are roughly even. But the increased $$$ at GWU definitely has me leaning in their direction, and it seems like most students are able to find meaningful part time/full time employment to offset costs. I did also get into University of Chicago but with a pretty measly scholarship, so that school is out of the running. I'm definitely debt averse. 
I'm trying to figure out when/how to negotiate the offers. Has anyone had any success with these schools? 
I should also hear back from Rutgers in early/mid March. They seem to be generous with funding, and their program isn't as competitive. I think it's possible I could get a full ride, and I'm wondering if I should wait to negotiate until I hear from them? That way I have something to bargain with. 
Any and all advice would be appreciated!
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I think you should definitely wait until you hear back from all of the schools. My sense is that many schools are open to reconsidering scholarship amounts, but that you have to present them with something to merit reconsideration -- a new publication, different test scores or a competing offer. I doubt that a school would reconsider aid without a reason like one of those... but that's just my educated guess. 


I'm guessing from your username that you're interested in urban policy! Want to discuss via messages? I'm in at Chicago and USC, too. 

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