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CMU-Pitt CompBio vs UofToronto CS

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I'm debating whether I should go into CMU-Pitt CompBio PhD program or UofToronto CS for Masters, with conditional offer for PhD after completion of Masters. In short, I'm currently in UofT, working with my possibly future advisor if I were to stay. I really like my lab and my advisor, but I do feel that the UofT CS courses are not as instructive/organized/structured as CMU-Pitt ones, esp in ML and computational genomics. In point-form:

UofToronto CS:


- like the lab/research advisor a lot

- current grad students in the lab are very helpful and friendly

- I'm already a UofT student

- my family and friends are here


- courses are not as helpful and students are not as guided

- may take longer to complete a PhD

- not as much emails about internship/work postings in comp bio


CMU-Pitt CompBio:


- the directors of the program seem to care a lot about the student

- students seem closer to each other since they all have to take the same courses in 1st year

- courses seem very structured and can give comprehensive view of the field

- they also have courses on writing a journal, etc, so I would say they guide the students a lot

- students get email about intern/work postings all the time


- I don't know what it's like working with the possible advisors/the culture of the labs. There are rotations though

- away from family and friends -> this might be good thing due to less distractions


Any advice is appreciated!




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