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MS in Electrical Engineering: UCLA vs UT Austin vs UIUC

Sunny Bhagia

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I got an admission for MS in Electrical Engineering programs from UCLA, UIUC and UT Austin. I am not sure which one should I go for. I am interested in VLSI circuits and systems. I want this decision to be made considering the following factors:

1. Reputation of school in the field of electrical engineering

2. Future job prospects

3. Quality and level of research and professors

4. Financial aid easiness in the university

5. University's inclination to Electrical Engineering, especially VLSI, Power Electronics and machine learning (and the extent of inter disciplinary encouragement of different engineering departments)

Please help in selecting.

Thank You

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Either UTA or UIUC, can't go wrong with either. UTA will work out cheaper probably unless you are given a full tuition waiver at UIUC. Look at the courses offered and the curriculum and see which one is a better fit. I know people who went to both places and everyone is equally happy. Also, UTA will be warmer than UIUC.

Can't comment on point 5.

Good luck!

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