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15 hours ago, amelsanti said:

hello guys, someone knows what is a good GRE score for a social work degree. Please any help will be great. kisses

I would get an idea of what programs you're applying to before you take the test. None of my programs required GRE scores, BUT that means they place a larger emphasis on your experience and personal statement. I personally have a great package in terms of GPA/internships/writing so it wasn't something I had to consider. THAT being said, it is always a good idea to take it anyway as certain programs do require it as well as if you plan on obtaining a PhD in the future. Not taking it will save you a lot of money and time spent studying, but I would do what is best for you. Long story short, I don't know typical scores as I didn't take it, but I wanted to offer these words of wisdom. 

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Some schools provide information regarding admissions statistics each year. They're a little challenging to find, but can be a good way to figure out the average score of the people who have been accepted. For example, with a little digging I was able to find info on The University of Texas's average GRE scores for all areas of study on a large PDF. It listed the average for those who applied, were admitted, and attended. Without having that document in front of me, I think the average for the admitted students was about 157 for verbal and 155 for quantitative. That said, the GRE score is just a small piece of your application package (as mentioned by NYMSW2018), and it's very dependent on the school.

I'd suggest trying to find similar information about the schools that you are applying to if it's something you're concerned about.

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