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2019 Statistics PHD Profile Evaluation - Out of school 2 years


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Would love some feedback on my profile, below - specifically, if I have a legitimate shot at the schools I have listed, or others I should consider.


Undergrad Institution: Large state school (ranked between 100 - 120 nationally)
Major(s): Economics, Math, Finance
GPA: 3.78


Graduate Institution: Large state school (same as above)
Major(s): Applied Economics
GPA: 3.91


Type of Student: Domestic White Male
GRE General Test: 

V: 157

Q: 169

W: 4


GRE Math: Haven’t taken, but considering it


Programs Applying: PhD in Statistics – specifically Bayesian or Probability theory


Research Experience: I had some research papers/projects in grad school around data analysis, but I’m not sure of those would fall under this. So I’m going with none, for now


Professional Experience:

2 years experience as a Data Analytics consultant for a top 5 consulting firm (current job) . Also interned there for a summer as well


Relevant Courser Work: 
Undergrad: Calculus 3 (A+), Linear Algebra (B), Differential Equations (A), Statistical Data Analysis (A), Theory of Probability (A), Math Stats w/applications (B), Applied Diff Equations II (C+ - The class was geared towards engineering students, which I did not know at the time. I took it as an elective), Real Analysis I (A)


Graduate: Statistical Data Management (A), Data Mining (A), Mathematical Economics (A), Advanced Statistical Data Management (A), Advanced Data Mining (A), Econometrics (A), Forecasting Analysis (A)


Computing Skills: SQL, SAS, VBA, SPSS, R, Python  

Considering applying to: 




Texas A&M



UT (Austin)




Still early in the process (obviously), so am open to suggestions on other schools to consider


Concerns: Mostly lack of research and my being out of school for a bit (graduated 2016), but I'm hoping my professional experience will make up for some of that

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I think that's too top heavy.  Duke, UNC, Harvard, Texas A&M, Michigan, and UT Austin are probably all reaches.  It's just hard to get into top 10/20 programs.   I would probably cut the reaches in half and add places like Baylor, Mizzou, Florida that you would be more likely to get into.  Rice, SMU, and Alabama should be doable but I don’t think they are the best fit for Bayesian research (they might be good for probability).  Check to make sure everywhere you apply to has at least 3 advisors with Bayesian and/or Probability research you are interesting.  Virginia Tech might be worth looking into but I am personally not a fan of it since their completion rate is abysmal (30%) and funding is slightly unstable. 

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Mostly agree with Bayesian1701 but I think you'd have a shot at TAMU, and maybe even UT Austin with a great SOP and LoRs, but Harvard and Duke would be a waste of money. I'd say apply to a bunch of schools in the 30-50 range and maybe some biostat schools with Bayesians.  You'll have mixed results due to the mixed bag of grades but think you can get into a good program. 

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I appreciate all the feedback- I have only recently decided to go down this path, so you can blame my lack of research for the top heavy list of schools :). Will adjust accordingly in the coming months. Thanks! 

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