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2018 PhD Creative Writing


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No forum for CW PhD applicants this year, so I figured why not? Sharing anxiety is fun. 

I'm applying in fiction, and still waiting to hear from Albany, Ohio University, and Cincinnati. I'm assuming OU is a rejection not yet sent, but am holding out hopes with Cincinnati and Albany.

Anybody have any intelligence they're willing to share? How's everybody else doing?


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5 hours ago, luckypenny18 said:

I applied to OU for the MA program in fiction and am also still waiting for a response. Not a PhD applicant but likewise hoping to hear soon. 

Fingers crossed and all that. 

I saw a MA in fiction acceptance at the end of February for OU. And I saw one for poetry in the PhD around the same time. So my optimism with OU has dimmed. But really, who the hell knows with any of this? Good luck!

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On 3/31/2018 at 6:01 PM, Perszona said:

Could you guys please let me know what are the best PhD Creative Writing Programs in the US? Let's say, top 5. I don't want to go just by the Poets & Writers list. Thanks



University of Southern California,

University of Houston,

Florida State,

University of Missouri-Columbia,


are some of the more distinguished PhD Creative Writing Programs.

Hope that helps!


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SO, I asked last year about the top 5 CW PhD Programs, but I realized I was overly ambitious. Are there additional good programs out there? I don't need this time "the best" or the top 5 only,  "good enough", as Winnicott would say, will do. There is so much info on the internet on MFA programs and so little on PhDs. Thank you so much!

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