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from a BSW straight to a MSW




I am currently completing my BSW at Dalhousie university and am debating applying for my MSW at Dalhousie.. it says that, "Applicants should have at least two years of full time employment in a social work position, following the BSW degree. Social Work employment gained prior and during the BSW degree is also recognized" ... I do not have 2 years experience as I entered my BSW right after finishing my BA. However, I have been working as an access supervisor through the court system since November (13 months experience by the time application is due) and have relevant volunteer experience. I am wondering if anyone has a similar experience and/or knows people have applied directly after their BSW with not enough work experience and have been accepted? Or if I am wasting my time.




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I am also doing my MSW right now, which was right after my BSW. However, I have a CEGEP degree in social intervention as well which allowed me to work during that degree and during summers (I'm from Quebec). I also had a lot of prior volunteer experience, and had a lot of field placement experiences as well (in CEGEP and as an undergrad). Those did count as 2-year experience from what I remember. 

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