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Anyone get off the waitlist for ENMU????

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I've been wait listed at ENMU. I was just curious if anyone has been accepted off the wait list this year or in previous years??? I just want to know my chances.

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On 4/6/2018 at 10:45 AM, screechcat said:

I wasn't waitlisted but there were a few girls in my cohort who were. They got a call last minute, 1 the week before orientation and another the week of! 

That's what I've been hearing. I'm in dark here wondering what my chances of getting off the waitlist are this semester. Are you living in Portales?

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So my letter said that seats may become available in June and July.... Does this mean they don't have an April 15th deadline? Any info will help!!! It's going to be so crazy to wait til July. They gave the deadline of August 13th as the last day to be admitted. :/

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