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Emailing... again


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1 hour ago, worried2018 said:

It’s been 3 weeks. One month this Friday since I’ve gotten the waitlist email. Think it might be okay to email them to ask about the chances? Specifically where I am on the waitlist...?


any thoughts welcome. 

I would email them and just tell her you’re still very interested. Tell them they’re your top choice (even if they’re not). I’ve heard that reminding them you’re interested really helps, especially since the 15th is coming up. I did that with one of my schools and they told me I’m “very high” on the waitlist, not sure my email helped that or not. But it’s nice that they said where I stand because it mkes me think they’re confident I’ll get in

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Thanks @soontobeslp2018 and @hopefulSLP2be7.

I took your advice and emailed them and got this response:

"Thanks for following up.  You have not been rejected.  We just need to time to finalize all the admissions decisions.  We will get back to you at a later date."

I asked for an approximate ranking but they didn't tell me.. this is torture... 

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