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CMU Electrical and Computer Engineering Spring 2019 : Is it as good as a Fall admit

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Hi Guys,

I have got admission into the Electrical and Computer Engineering Program at Pittsburg for Spring 2019 even though I applied for Fall 2018. I had a few doubts about Spring Program in General. Would be great if you all could help me out.

  1. Are there any differences in the course offerings at CMU Pittsburgh for the Fall and the Spring Program. Could you please throw some light on this. Would also be great if there is a link to check all the course offerings for the Spring Semester at CMU.
  2. Would an admission in Spring play a detrimental role in the internship opportunities given that a Spring admit student would be beginning his course after 6 months in comparison to a Fall Student.
  3. Any differences in the final job offerings at the end of the MS Program for a Spring and Fall Admit Student.
  4. The program that I have been given admission to is Professional MS. A lot of people tell me that it is a normal MS with focus on coursework. Is this true ?
  5. I have got a Fall admission at SUNY Stony Brook in Computer Engineering. Is that better given that CMU is offering only Spring.
  6. How is CMU for specialisation in Networks, Security and IoT ?

Please do let me know your answers on this.


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I graduated from CMU, Mellon College of Science. Spring seamster and Fall seamster courses and different to some extend because most of freshmen start in the Fall. For example, Calculus I will be offered in Fall and Calculus II in spring. With that being said, not all students follow the courses plan for whatever reason (semester off/semester abroad/Spring batch (like you)) and eventually CMU offers a good amount of courses in both the fall and spring seamsters. Graduating spring or fall doesn't really matter, and you can catch up with the fall batch if you take summer classes. Maybe it will affect your internships because employers will have certain expectations in terms of course work from their previous experiences with the majority of students starting in the fall semester. I have no idea about your other questions. If i were you, I would contact the admission office to get in touch with a current student who started in spring seamster. Good luck 

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