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Desperate for an answer!


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Hi all,
Apologies in advance for the rant/vent post. But its nearly 10 days from the April 15th deadline and I haven't heard ANYTHING from my top choice. Without going into too much detail, its an Ivy school and I applied for a PhD program back in December, got an Interview in January, waitlisted in February--and told that by the 15th of April I would have an answer.

Fast forward to today and I have gotten nothing from them. I've emailed the assistant program director 5 times (also cc'd his assistant), then got so desperate that I emailed a program coordinator (who I know has no involvement in the admissions process) hoping that she could triage my email to the person in charge. I have gotten no email response, and my calls to the DGS have either been unanswered or they have told me to get in touch with my department for answers. At this point I'm not sure what to think of the process, I kind of feel offended tbh that they won't even acknowledge my emails, even if its to say that they are really busy with other stuff and will get back to me soon. I'm wondering if anyone else has had to deal with this before, and if so do you have any advice? At this point I'm starting to think that I'm rejected and they just forgot to notify me because my application slipped through the cracks---I mean is there any other reason that they would keep me hanging by a thread for so long?

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I understand that it is a painful process. But you are dangerously close to impertinence and that is the kind of behavior that would work badly for you. Many schools ( including Ivy Leagues) haven't sent out final acceptances yet. And some of their top choice candidates may have asked for a 1-2 week deadline extension, causing the delay beyond April 15th for you. Don't take their dates strictly, always keep a 1-2 week window.  You are well within the window so don't freak yet. It's not over till it's over. For now, all I would say is, you wait, that's all you do. You hope, you pray and you wait. I hope you hear back soon. 

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