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Starting PhD in January?

Nico Lin

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I am hoping to start a PhD program January 2020 but I do not know where to look, or how to apply. I want to go for Anthropology and most websites I have been looking on all say that they start in Fall only. Does anyone know of any universities starting in January or advice about starting then?

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Agreed. Most programs have certain prerequisites that they urge you to take in order (for example,  intro to theory or history of theory followed by contemporary theory). My advice: If you do find a program that lets you start in the spring semester/January, be sure to ask them how frequently people  start with the spring semester (if it's very common, great. If you are the first one....not great) and what resources they have to help you compensate for missing those critical first-semester classes.

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You can also ask for programs to accommodate you after you're accepted. I wouldn't let them know ahead of time or they won't consider you--programs are looking for ANY reason to drop an application from the stack--but if you get in they probably want you there and, even if it's not normal, they might be willing to work with you.

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