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Applying to a few more schools


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So I applied to several graduate schools last fall and got into the University of South Florida and the University of Tulsa. However, I had to defer my enrollment for both to fall 2019 since I didn't get any funding. I only have a bachelor's degree but wanted to go straight to do my phd if possible. My GRE scores are 149 Verbal,  146 Quant, and 4.0 Writing. I'm planning to take the GRE again to improve my score. My field is cultural anthropology and I'm interested in Japan, sexuality, and religion. I wanted to apply to a few more schools, but Im not quite sure where to apply or what schools give good funding. All suggestions are welcome.

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Have you found articles that you've read in class whose topic or methodology interest you? Look where that author works.  If the university has a PHD program, talk about what you find interesting about their work.

Have you looked at schools that have 2-3 Cultural Anthropologists interested in Asia or Sexuality?

What is making you interested in obtaining a PHD?

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For the articles i have a few. My senior thesis was on Japanese Manga and sexuality, so I'll look into those authors. As for the schools, I've only seen schools that have either one sexuality professor or one professor that interested in Asia but on a different topic than mine entirely. As for the PhD, I want to be able to travel and do anthropological research. I'm also considering teaching. 


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