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Realistic MSCS Choices - Unrelated Degree

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Hi all! Looking for any advice and input from anyone familiar with MSCS programs.

I have an unrelated undergraduate degree and would like to know which schools are worth applying to, and which are not. I know there are other individuals trying to get into CS without a CS undergrad degree - so perhaps this will be useful for them too in future.

For context: I have a Bachelor of Music as an undergrad. In preparation to apply for masters programs in CS*, I have completed the following 10 courses (by application date):

Discrete Structures, Programming I, Programming II (completes one-year CS sequence), Calculus I, Calculus II (completes one-year sequence), Statistics, Linear Algebra, Intro to Data Science, Operating Systems, Data Structures & Algorithms. I have a 4.0 in this course work, as well as my undergraduate degree. 

Q: What are some reputable programs that might accept a candidate such as myself? What are some programs that are simply not applying to, considering my background? I understand certain programs are looking primarily for students likely to excel in research. These might be universities to avoid considering my background. I am more interested in doing really good coursework from a reputable** university. What might that list look like?

*In California - and many states - a second bachelors is not permitted. I live in CA.
**Let's define reputable as any top 60 program from any well-known source (usnews.com, csrankings.org etc).

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I'm an engineer and am now in a PhD program in an unrelated field. It can be done. Is that "no second bachelors" across the board at all schools in California? I didn't know that. You could look at undergrad CS majors and see how your completed coursework compares. That maybe should be a topic in your SOP (if those exist for MSCS). Also, talk to professors at potential schools and ask them. It seems that not all universities have the same policies.


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