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Needing Input for Clinical PhD Application


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Hello all! I usually am pretty passive when it comes to this site, but I am really in need of some input from anyone I can get it from. I am planning to apply (second round) for PhD Clinical Psych programs this fall and am really trying to decide if a) I should retake my GRE and b) if I have a chance of getting in. Some background information about me is that I am currently getting an MS in Clinical Psychology and am in a fully funded program. I have done a practicum with Arkansas Children's Hospital that was 4 months long, another 4 months at Head Start, and will currently be in a practicum setting for a year with St. Louis University in their Neurology and Psychiatry department. I have done two independent research projects (presented both), am currently working on research with a faculty member in my program (will be doing a poster presentation), and am starting on my thesis (plan to propose before applications are due). I also have a 4.0 from my BA in Psychology and currently a 4.0 in my MS. My GRE scores aren't stellar (154V, 152Q, and 5.5AW), but I feel like I have a lot of other things going for me. I also was an undergrad teaching assistant for stats and am now a MS teaching assistant for cognitive assessment. I feel like I will have some good letters of recommendation and plan to really work on my SOPs. Any input y'all can give me? Thanks!

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Sounds like you have a lot of great things going for you!  

If you have the time and money I would recommend taking the GRE again to try and get your verbal score up. It's also a good idea to look into the average GRE scores for the programs you're interested in. Having GREs that are below the averages isn't a deal breaker but, if you're way off from the average you might consider taking it again. If you end up not taking it again, you can always ask your letter writers address it in your LORs. 

Apart from that, though, you seem really competitive! It will also be to your advantage if the previous research you've done is similar-ish to the research of the advisers you apply to work with.  


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@ae616 I actually think your GRE scores are fine - they won't get you into an ultra-competitive tier like Harvard or UCLA, but your scores are good enough for getting into most APA-accredited Ph.D Clinical Psychology programs. Your M.S. in Clinical Psychology with background in both research and clinicals will give you a bit of an advantage in your application too. Good luck!

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