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Are those generic reply from Professor, what next?



I got two similar  reply from Professor. 
Professor 1

I appreciate your interest in our research group.  I would encourage you to apply to our department’s program and I will be happy discussing further with you once you are accepted.

Professor 2

thanks for your note.  I urge you to apply to our phd program.  If you are admitted I will be very happy to discuss research possibilities.

Are they indicating RA. Is this positive reply?


What should  I do next beside thanking them? 

How to start a conversation?

 Should I ask them about any tip for SOP?


Freaking outtt


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Yes, those are generic replies. Unless you ask a specific question, PIs are less likely to really give you a thorough response or even reply at all. They get hundreds of these emails on top of their regular workloads, so they cannot possibly chat with every prospective applicant. 

If you have a specific question you want to ask them, then do so. If not, I would just thank them and submit the application if interested in the program. 

Do NOT ask them tips about your SOP. They are not your current advisor/mentor. That is more of a question for someone who already knows you well. 

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