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My GPA would be much higher if it accounted for my studies abroad. Should I mention it?




My undergrad final GPA was of 3.22 but it would be about 3.6 if it accounted for the classes I've taken abroad -- at a Chinese school with strict standards, so not just easy As. 

I'm applying to Columbia for grad school, I'm not over-qualified by any means, so I don't want to leave anything to chance.

I'm very tempted to make a small annotation on my unofficial undergrad transcripts, which list the classes abroad after the list of classes I've taken in the U.S. and my GPA. Should I do it? Is it going to look like I'm making excuses / unprofessional?


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1 hour ago, ResilientDreams said:

You're going to have to include a transcript of your study abroad classes anyway. 

Thanks for pointing it out but this program actually asks for unofficial transcripts from your primary institution only until you've been admitted. 

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