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Psych GRE Not Required


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I just received my subject test scores and I did very well (98th percentile), so I am debating whether to send the scores to schools that do not require it in the hopes that it might boost my application. However, my concern is that my application might appear as incomplete as my scores will not reach them before the deadline. Is it worth it to send them or do you think the schools just ignore them anyways since they aren’t requiring them? 

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I actually disagree with @Hk328 — that’s a solid score, and the more competitive PhD Psychology programs (e.g., UCLA) tend to require the Psychology GRE. Go ahead and send it as supplement material.

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For schools that require them or say they are optional you can find out if they'll accept an unofficial report now while the official one is on its way.  During my application season I had a few programs explicitly state this was ok and applicants would not be penalized and other programs I asked if this was a possibility and had no issues.  

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