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  1. Hk328

    LGBT Friendly Programs/Cities?

    I know a few people who identify as LGBT+ and went to UNC Chapel Hill. From what I've heard, the research triangle is pretty LGBT+ friendly.
  2. Hk328

    TA or not???

    I think if you're curious about it and think you can handle the additional workload, why not. If you don't like it and it isn't required, you probably won't have to commit to it after that semester. Teaching is great experience even if you don't have any intention of becoming a professor. It helps you with your public speaking, you learn a lot (research shows that teaching information to others improves your own learning), and it looks good on your CV. You are leading a group of college students, so it helps your supervisory skills a little bit too.
  3. Hk328

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    Agreed. It doesn't have to be R1/R2 or bust. I am just finishing my 1st semester in an APA accredited partially-funded university-based PsyD. I am already involved in several research projects in my research lab, we have a small cohort, and all of my professors graduated from APA accredited R1 research universities. Students should absolutely do their due diligence about programs, but you also shouldn't write off programs just based on the funding. I've known people at R1s who lose funding because their faculty member couldn't get a grant or something. Things happen.
  4. Hk328

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    I would save it for the interview. Make sure you update your CV as you'll want to bring it for interviews.
  5. Hk328

    Research Conference

    Have fun, but maintain professional. Conferences are a fun way to network with people in your field and get a better sense of what kind of research is happening. You're going to have a shared interest with pretty much everyone there. You want to try to network and get to know people (you never know when these connections can come in handy). It's basically a chance to geek out on your particularly area of interest with someone who gets it.
  6. Hk328

    Research Conference

    1. Once the conference is done, you're on your own. Check out cool things to do in the city you'll be in. Are there any cool museums or attractions around? Also, see if there are any student mixers. Often times, conferences will hold mixers. See if you can network with any faculty or students from other schools. If you are still in undergrad, this is a great way to make connections with possible graduate mentors. 2. I would always err on the side of business casual for a dress code. A nice pair of jeans and nice shirt are fine, but I would not wear flip flops. If you're a female, I would wear a pair of ballet flats or maybe dressier sandals. If you are a male, then maybe something like boat shoes or something. I would advise against sneakers or flip flops. Conferences are always networking events, and you want to "dress to impress." 3. You can take notes on whatever you would like. I would just caution that it might be uncomfortable to take notes on your laptop as you will be sitting in a chair with the computer on your lap and your bag on the floor. If that works for you, awesome. Also, be mindful of how loudly you type. If your laptop makes that loud click sound with every key stroke, you may make it difficult for others (the speaker included) to concentrate. I've typically just taken quick notes in a notepad at any conference I've gone too. I don't really remember too many people with laptops out.
  7. I personally have never heard of someone including research participation as a subject on their CV. I think you can just cut that and focus on your research assistant experience.
  8. Hk328

    Psych GRE Not Required

    If they aren't at least listed as optional, I wouldn't include them. At best, they will ignore it. At worst, they'll get annoyed you didn't follow directions.
  9. Hk328

    Psych GRE scores

    Your subject test score is OK (not great, but good enough probably). Your Quant score may pose a bigger barrier. The biggest thing that stands out to me is the vast array of programs you are planning to apply to. When applying for your PhD, you want have an established research/clinical focus. Obviously, things can change somewhat over time, but you are applying to some pretty different tracks across these schools. Just make sure you are able to speak to how your background and interests align with these specific programs and concentrations. Mostly, the forensic sticks out to me. I can see how sports psychology, health psychology, and even sleep medicine can fit together. Forensic seems a little out of left field.
  10. Hk328

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    Programs most likely won't look at your application until after the deadline. The answer really all depends on you. Personally, when I applied last year, I couldn't wait to submit everything and get that off my plate. Others may feel differently. As long as everything is submitted by the due date, it's all personal preference. Also, good luck you guys! As someone who was in your shoes last year, I completely understand the anxiety, especially because now I'm anxiously working on applications for practicum sites lol (the applications never end in clinical). You guys got this!
  11. Hk328

    “Regional School” Anxiety

    Plenty of people start off at regional schools or community colleges for financial purposes. The program honestly isn't going to focus on that, especially if you already have a MA. They will care more about your GPA and what classes you took at the graduate level.
  12. Hk328

    PhD proposal advice

    You are defending a proposal before being in the program?
  13. Presentations are good, but papers are typically better since they have gone through a much more thorough peer review process. You can always do both: present the paper at a conference and publish it. If you are interested in staying in academia, publishing is crucial, hence the saying "publish or perish."
  14. I would strongly caution against an online clinical/counseling degree. There is a lot of learning that just can't be done online for this type of degree. The interpersonal skills you hone in collaborating with faculty and fellow students, as well as practicum training is pretty unequal when comparing brick & mortar vs online schools. Online schools are a great option for some disciplines, but mental health isn't really one of them.
  15. Hk328

    Average Clinical Psych Scores?

    Pretty much all clinical psych programs are competitive. Most at applications holistically, but some do have strict cut offs. Research fit is definitely a more important factor than GRE scores. That being said, APA requires programs to publish student outcome data, so programs should have a chart that has mean GPA and GRE scores for the most recent cohorts, so you can see how your stats stack against them.

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