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  1. Hk328

    Relationships and PhD programs

    Going to a doctoral program is definitely a huge commitment, and there are sacrifices that every individual in any of these programs has to make in order to attain this goal. The question you need to ask yourself is if the sacrifices you need to make are worth it. I completely understand how you feel. I am a female and nearing 30, and I just started a clinical psych program (biological clock is ticking like woah). My fiance and I talked at length about my quitting my full time job to go back to school and what that would look like in terms of finances and the day to day. For us, it was ultimately something we felt was worth it due to this being the only way for me to have the career I really want. We are sacrificing starting a family, as that is put on hold while I am still in the program, and our financial situation is more strained than it was when I was working full time. However, we are making it work. You have to look at your short-term and long-term goals. The sooner you finish a program, the sooner you can start your career and make money. Your financial situation will be (most likely) crappy for awhile because, lets face it, no stipends allow students to live in the lap of luxury, but it will increase as you get licensed and jump even more so once you are no longer an early-career psychologist. So, what is the time-cost benefit for you? Would you rather try to steady yourself now or make more money on the back-end? Statistics show that for every 2 years of higher education completed, people tend to earn 18% more. Also, if you do decide to delay, will you have the motivation to actually go back? Only you have the answers to these questions. I would just caution that you do not set aside your personal aspirations for his. Relationships in grad school are tough. My fiance and I live together, but our schedules are conflicting. I often get home when he is already asleep, and he leaves before I get up. We make time for each other on weekends. We were honest with each other about the potential realities of the situation and how much it may suck for the next 5 years. However, for us, the right decision was for me to pursue the degree. Having doubts is normal, but you need to think deeply about why you are having these thoughts. Is it the fear of change? Is it you not being invested in this career path anymore? These are all really hard questions you need to answer for yourself.
  2. Yes, those are generic replies. Unless you ask a specific question, PIs are less likely to really give you a thorough response or even reply at all. They get hundreds of these emails on top of their regular workloads, so they cannot possibly chat with every prospective applicant. If you have a specific question you want to ask them, then do so. If not, I would just thank them and submit the application if interested in the program. Do NOT ask them tips about your SOP. They are not your current advisor/mentor. That is more of a question for someone who already knows you well.
  3. Hk328

    Withdrawing from a Master's program?

    I would suggest you seek out counseling regarding your feelings of burn out (try your university's counseling center). If you withdraw from this program and apply to another, the problem may very well carry over, especially since it seems, based on your post, that you are happy with the overall program. AdComms will definitely want to know why you left a master's program prior to completion and then are applying to a similar program elsewhere. If you truly don't think you can do next semester, speak to your advisor or a program admin about a possible leave of absence rather than outright withdrawal from the program.
  4. You could also look into The City University of New York (CUNY). Baruch is the main business school.
  5. Hk328

    How different is grad school from undergrad?

    From my experience, a doctoral program has been very different from both my BA and MA experiences. You don't really spend a lot of time studying per say, as there aren't too many formal exams. There is an exceptional amount of reading (1 class may assign about 100 pages of reading for a week, multiplied by however many classes), and most classes have papers/presentations rather than formal exams. Classes are structured more as strict discussion rather than lecture, as the faculty assume you learned the basics going in. Also, there is clearly a lot more emphasis on research. You can expect to spend a lot of time also working on research (either projects that are already ongoing in the lab or starting on something you come up with). Again, this is all based on my experience as a 1st year. Other people may absolutely vary.
  6. That is highly likely. Faculty are getting swarmed with emails from prospective students right now. Not to mention, they're all in the middle of the semester and all the work associated with that. There's always the chance of a PI responding, but that possibility increases when there is a specific question and purpose to the email (they'll see your CV and application once it's submitted). Look at it from their prospective. What are they supposed to say when they read your email?
  7. You also have to examine what it is you wrote. If you have a specific, pointed question regarding their research and current projects, you are more likely to elicit a response. If you're asking a basic question with an answer that is already on the website or just stating your interest in applying to work with them, they are less likely to respond.
  8. Hk328

    Is a 2nd Masters Worth It?

    Education is a means to an end. What is the actual job you want? Is this 2nd masters required for entering that field?
  9. Hk328

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    What I did that really helped me was to start all the applications in one day. Not the important stuff but registering the accounts and typing in my name, address, etc. That way I could also see which ones needed me to submit everything before letter writers could upload their LORs or if links could be sent right away. I also wanted to make sure I gave my recommenders as much time as possible to upload so that they didn't feel rushed at the 11th hour. This also gave me much needed troubleshooting time as 1 letter was not going through for a specific school. My recommender was just not getting the link for some reason. Luckily, we were able to solve the issue before the deadline. Good luck to everyone! And I know the process of stressful, but try to leave some wiggle room for emergencies!
  10. Hk328

    Searching experiment for replication in semester

    Also, there are literally thousands of articles that fit this description. Go on PsychInfo and type in something of interest. You will probably find something in about 15 seconds.
  11. I personally wouldn't call a program that accepts 50% of applicants as very selective either. To start, I would maybe look at the cost of similar programs at other universities (state schools of varying sizes for instance). Is this program giving you $10k in funding but costing $30k more than a similar program at a reputable school without the ivy league name? Also, you mentioned LinkedIn. Can you search the other way? Look for people with a similar job you wish to hold and see where they got their degrees? Are a lot of them saying Columbia? Are other schools popping up more frequently? Lastly, to me, if admin is being purposefully cagey about requests for alumni data, that would be a big red flag to me. If the program is truly sending out people to successful paths, they should be willing to share specifics about their alumni network in terms of type of jobs or PhD programs. Obviously, they shouldn't give names, but they should be able to say "oh about 20% end up here, and we've had x number of graduates attend doctoral programs in y."
  12. I'm not familiar with any programs where you only take classes your first year, so I don't know how to answer this question.
  13. You want to pick the top 3 people who could write you the strongest letter. Since you are intending to go to a non-clinical psych PhD, I would say it would be those who can speak to your research abilities and future in academia. So, this can be looked at a few ways: who have you done research for the longest amount of time, or who have you done more complicated work for? For instance, if the choice is between a PI who you've done 4 years if data entry for or a PI who you only worked for for a year but helped develop a study and did complex statistical analysis, I would personally rank the 2nd as more valuable. I think it should be fine to have a PI and lab manager write 1 letter. When I was applying, my research advisor actually suggested she co-write the letter with the doctoral student who ran the research lab since I worked more closely with that person day to day. You may want to feel this out before you ask, as you never know what can ruffle someone's feathers!
  14. Hk328

    Vaccinations holding up acceptance?

    I thought I would have a hard time getting my vaccination records, but my old high school actually had them, and I graduated from there 10 years ago. Have you tried reaching out to your old schools? You may be pleasantly surprised. I also believe there is a blood test you can actually get done that tests for the antibodies your body produces due to the vaccinations, so you may have not needed to actually get the vaccine re-done. If anything, I know I didn't provide the vaccination forms to my doctoral program until after I already started. I don't believe schools withhold acceptances because of vaccines. Typically, they just put a hold on your registration. At least, this has been my experience.
  15. Hk328

    Clinical Social Work

    You may have better luck posting this in the Social Work thread. The people who frequent that forum may have more insight into the MSW programs you listed.

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