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  1. Hk328

    Submitting prospectus as a writing sample?

    As long as you wrote it, I don't see why not. They want an example of your writing and ability to create a competent narrative, hopefully within your field.
  2. Hk328

    Backing out of adjunct course assignment

    I'm not sure, but I imagine if students are already registered, it may cause some bad blood between you and the university. Legally, they probably can't do anything because you haven't signed a contract, but you might sour an opportunity for adjuncting there in the future.
  3. Hk328

    PsyD competition

    You will probably get way more responses in the Psychology forum. However, as a general guideline, you want to stick with programs affiliated with universities rather than professional schools. A lot of professional schools have large class sizes and poorer training reputations. I would also suggest you look at balanced PhD programs in clinical psychology as well. There is actually very little difference between a reputable PsyD and a balanced PhD program, even in terms of how much research experience is required. For instance, Rutgers and Baylor are often regarded as top PsyD programs and they require a dissertation and lab work. Also, when searching for programs, make sure they are APA accredited. If they are not, you will not be eligible to go through the match system and complete an APA accredited internship. This will create a lot of difficulty in getting licensed in most states. APA accreditation is a minimum training standard, so a program that is not accredited may cause some red flags. There are PCSAS accredited programs, but they are primarily research focused and at this point probably have dual accreditation. In terms of making yourself a strong applicant: high GPA, high GRE, strong letters of recommendation, strong SOP, and research fit are all the factors that admission committees look for. I am about to start a PsyD program this fall, so I just went through the application process. If you have questions, feel free to PM me.
  4. Hk328

    Advice for masters

    What kind of job are you looking to get? Sometimes it's easier to pick what you want to do and then work backwards. With an experimental psych MA, there really isn't a whole lot you can do. A lot of full time researchers have PhDs rather than MAs.
  5. I would caution that if you have an interest in graduate study, you may have a very hard time getting into a good program if you go the online route for your BA. You will most likely not be able to develop close relationships with faculty who will then write your letters of recommendation, and you can't participate in a research lab, which is an important skill if you would like to get into a PhD or PsyD program.
  6. Hk328

    How important is contacting PI in advance?

    1. Yes, you want to contact all potential PIs at all schools. The emails should be about your research interests meshing with theirs and asking questions about their current research. You want to make sure that you are not asking questions that are answered on the website or their lab web page. Also, ideally, try to send emails to all faculty at 1 school within the same day or so. That way it doesn't seem like you're just going for your 2nd choice or anything. 2. You may still have a chance if you don't email faculty, but the purpose of reaching out to PIs is to hopefully establish a rapport so that they remember you when looking at your application. 3. If a PI doesn't respond, you should still apply to the school. Some PIs just won't respond to prospective student emails. 4. Do not contact faculty after the deadline. If you make it to the interview round, they will invite you to the interview. If you know the interview date has passed and you did not hear anything, you can reach out to faculty for feedback on how to improve your application for the next cycle.
  7. Hk328

    Question to Ask Department?

    I would also add to ask what kinds of jobs graduates get upon leaving the program and see if these align with your goals. Also, if your program requires some sort of licensure, how many graduates from the program achieve licensure soon after? You are going to a PhD to achieve a career goal, so you want to ensure that this program prepares students for that goal and many graduates end up in the type of positions you're interested in.
  8. Hk328

    Psychology Masters vs. Postbacc

    Neuro psych is a subset of clinical psychology. You typically start with generalist training and then specialize as you get further into your training. I don't know anything specific about either of these programs, but I would say try speaking with current students in the program to get an understanding of how much potential there is for research and products (posters, publications, etc.) during your time as a student. These will be critical for your PhD applications, as programs are competitive and research skills are a crucial thing they look for.
  9. Hk328

    First Time Adjuncting

    Hello all, I did a search and couldn't find anything. I am about to start a doctoral program and because I have an MA already, they are having me adjunct instead of TA. I will be teaching an undergrad class all by my lonesome. I was wondering if anyone has had similar experiences and has any advice for a 1st time professor!
  10. I would maybe do something like "I'm very interested in researching X, and I see that you and Professor A are currently working on Project Y, which sounds very intriguing. I'm aware Professor A is not taking a new student next year, but I was hoping to see if you will have funding for your lab. I would love to hear more about E, F, and G projects..." You really want the main focus of the conversation to be the research topics and ideas, especially because the department website will probably post who is and is not taking a new student next year in about a month of two.
  11. Hk328

    PsyD vs PhD solid programs? Help!

    A big component to applications is research fit, even with PsyDs because you still need to do some research and complete a dissertation. All APA accredited programs are required to report admissions data, so you can look at programs with potential research fit and see what the average GPAs and GRE scores were for incoming students in the last years. You also want to look at these statistics in terms of the internship match rate (the higher, the better) and number of students admitted (the lower the better). In regards to the PhD/PsyD research and clinical dichotomy, a lot of research has shown that clinical PhD students actually have more clinical hours documented at the time of applying for internship than PsyDs, so there should not be that drastic a difference there. PhDs do end up doing more research work, but that's usually how they get funded rather than paying tuition and having to scrounge up jobs on the side.
  12. Hk328

    Is grad school possible at this point?

    If your ultimate goal is a PhD, I would caution against an online MA. If you go for an MA, you want a research component. Online programs have a reputation for not providing the best training (even SNHU) so many doctoral programs will not take an applicant with online credentials that seriously because they have their pick of candidates. Also, it will be much harder to forge close relationships with faculty in an online program vs a traditional program.
  13. Faculty know you are reaching out to multiple professors. The applications request that you list all the faculty you are interested in, and the more successful candidates typically have at least 2 that are good research fits. I would just say that you are interested in x field and excited about y project and you already spoke to Professor A. If they regularly collaborate then they are probably friends and talk anyway. It may seem like you're weirdly hiding something if you don't mention reaching out to the other professor.
  14. Hk328

    HELP a girl out!

    You could definitely do a research based MA (culminating in a thesis), which could help your research experience and GPA issues. Some clinical PhD and PsyDs also allow you transfer some credits and your thesis. You could also try to get into a psych lab as a volunteer (or possibly a paid position) to up your research. The GRE and GPA are complimentary, so if you do really well on the GRE it can compensate for the lower GPA.
  15. Hk328

    Are interdisciplinary LoRs a bad idea?

    I think asking your linguistics professor is fine, as she can speak to your research experience and as a student. When looking at interdisciplinary letter writers, it's best to pick someone who is still relevant and knows you well enough to provide an in depth letter because they know you personally.

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