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How long is your Resume?

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14 hours ago, worldleader2018 said:

I understand the quant resume length can vary, but what about your professional resume?

Can this be longer than one page or should we really strive to be at one page? I have about five years of experience plus college internships..trying to get an idea of what to keep and what not to keep 

I have 15 years of experience with a Masters degree and my professional resume is 2.5 pages long.

For graduate school for 2019 potential entry (for mid-career Masters), my graduate resume application is 5 pages long.  My graduate school resume lists additional job duties of current/prior positions, leadership experience, received awards, publications, study abroad, and extra-curricular activities (during undergrad and post-undergrad /graduate school).

Hope this helps.

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I only have a BA + Graduate Cert + 7 years of experience, so I tended to be quite stringent on the "single page resume" for all rule. And, while I still stick to that rule if I'm applying for employment, I do not stick to it for grad admissions. All of my resumes for grad school have been 2+ pages, detailing leadership positions and extracurriculars that your run of the mill office job probably won't care about. 

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Your resume should be brief but every detail should be mentioned and should make a great impression. Don't write too much make it short for 1 or a maximum of 2 pages. You can also hire professional resume writers Adelaide Australia so they will make your resume according to the job description and showcase your skills briefly but professionally. There will be a clear difference if your resume will be written by someone who has expertise in writing. 

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