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CSUF and CSULB Applications and Course Equivalencies

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Hi Everyone,

I'm a long-time lurker, first time poster. 

I am about to complete my post-bacc program (I was an English major) through Cal State San Marcos (CSUSM). I am also working on applications for grad schools, and had some questions for you knowledgable folks about course equivalencies, as I am struggling with this. Sorry for the length of this post, I appreciate your reading it and any help you can provide! 

The CSUSM Post-Baccalaureate coursework is here, to avoid making this thread too long to read - https://www.csusm.edu/slp/programs/prep/coursedescriptions.html

On CalApply, for CSULB, it says that at least 30 units in CSD are required to apply, but then provides a list of 18 classes through the department website with an equivalency chart, which amounts to significantly more than 30 units. It is accessible here - http://web.csulb.edu/colleges/chhs/departments/speech-languagepathology/student-resources/documents/2018SLPMAProgramApplicationForm_000.pdf

The chart says that the course equivalencies must be one to one, but several of the classes I have taken have covered materials that fulfill multiple of the items on the chart. Does anyone know if the chart has to be 100% completed with 18 equivalent classes, or does the 30 units rule apply, thus making the CSUSM post-bacc program sufficient for me to be able to apply to CSULB? If they need all 18 classes, does anyone have any suggestions of where I can take the missing classes a-la-carte without having to apply to a full, second program?

Additionally, I am looking to apply to Cal State Fullerton (CSUF). Their program description lists 12 pre-req courses, but is a bit confusing - do I only need to satisfy 8 of the 12 listed classes only to be able to matriculate, and then I can get waivers in the school for any I haven't taken, or do all 12 have to be completed by the time school starts?

CSUSM's post-bacc appears to be missing these 3 from Fullerton's list - 

1. Aural Rehabilitation

2. Voice & Craniofacial Disorders 

3. Fluency Disorders

If these courses are needed before next fall, does anyone have any recommendations where I could take them a-la-carte?

Thanks in advance, and thanks for reading this long post! 


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I came from CSUF's undergrad program, so I may not be much help here, but I also found that a couple of the courses they listed had material that was all covered in one course for me as well. What I did was selected the class that best matched and listed that as the equivalency class. Because of that, my chart was not full when I submitted my application. They didn't have any issues with it, so I'm sure the 30 units is what applies here.

About CSUF, just make sure you have 8 CSD courses completed at the time of applying. This is done so that undergrads/post bacs who take their last classes the spring semester can list the remaining classes as "in progress" or "to be taken". Grad students who come from a school other than CSUF typically have to take or retake undergrad classes during their first semester because their program is missing classes or the class is not fully equivalent to CSUF's course. Voice and Fluency are commonly retaken, but I've heard of grad students taking Aural Rehab too. Knowing how finicky the program is, I suggest not taking those classes before entering grad school (if you're strongly considering CSUF) because chances are, they won't meet CSUF's standards and you'll have to retake them anyways. It's much easier to just take them for the first time during your first semester. 

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I also had a problem with CSULB's  prerequisites. I never took a Clinical Observations/ Professional Writing (CD 489) course. That topic was covered throughout several of mine. ?

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Hello:) I was accepted to both of these programs so I have some insight into this. You need at least 8 for CSUF if you don’t have the rest you will take them during your grad program. For example, I went to Csulb for my undergrad and they did not offer fluency so I’m taking that now along with my other grad level classes. Also Csulb has so many undergrad classes not offered at other universities they understand that. If you go there and don’t have acc or something they will make you take it as a part of grad school. Just check off on the applications all that you have taken. If they really want you they will accept you. I recommend however taking those classes before grad school if you can because it does get stressful having 5 or 6 classes with 4 being at the graduate level.

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