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“Family friendly” schools?


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I wish to apply for the 2020 fall in any biological sciences program (PhD in microbiology or cell biology). However, I need advice as to how to look for grad schools that offer childcare, including information about affordability. I keep browsing through so many universities - I have two children and I will be relying heavily on resources while I’m busy with hectic coursework and others. 

I also couldn’t locate any relevant thread/topic here. If there is, can someone please provided the link so that I can delete this thread if needed? Thanks...

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Chiming in to say that this is something I'm thinking about lots right now - relocating will mean losing the childcare center that I've had one or two kids at for over five years now.  So far I'm not finding a ton of resources at my top schools.  I've been admitted to an Education Ph.D. program at the University of Minnesota, but their affiliated childcare programs have long (18 month!) waitlists, so... that probably won't happen; we'd probably wind up in off campus childcare.  Toying with getting on the waitlist for the on campus program now, even though I'm waiting to hear back from other programs.

University of Wisconsin - Madison seems to have pretty robust offerings though, again, there's lots of talk of waitlists on all of the websites I've found so far.  Considering that I'm still weeks out from an admission decision, but waitlists open for 19-20 in early January, I'm not sure how realistic any of those possibilities are?

Again - would love to hear from others - especially parents currently attending programs.  How do people make this work?  Any lessons learned?

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I'm at a large state university, as an undergrad/single mom, and there are some resources for parents here, but I think it's a fight anywhere. Our campus has a childcare center, but waitlists can be over a year. If you can waitlist for childcare where you've applied, do it. I've waitlisted for housing places that have huge waits, even though I haven't gotten in, because the fees were cheaper than what I would have spent on extra rent for a year waiting. If it doesn't cost, especially, get on the list. It will save you a headache. Also, look at local groups that help with low income families (if your family will qualify). My daughter gets free full-day, year round preschool just because of my income, and it bypasses the normal state childcare assistance requirements.

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I'm not a biology student (I'll be studying political science), but UVa's polisci program advertises itself as family-friendly. The university has a few options for on-campus housing for graduate students with families. https://housing.virginia.edu/graduate-students

I don't know much about the child care situation, but it may be worth investigating: http://www.virginia.edu/childdevelopmentcenter/about.html

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