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Should I retake the GRE?

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Yeah, the standard goal that applicants are advised to aim for is a combined score of 300+ and an AW of 4.0 or higher. You've definitely surpassed this by quite a bit, so congratulations and relax! If your GPA is also high then you could qualify for some merit scholarships depending on where you go.

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6 hours ago, PomegranateMcGee said:

Hello! I'm nervous about my GRE scores - my combined score is a little over 320, and my AWA score is 5.0. Should I retake it? Are my scores too low? So worried! Thanks!

You're scores look good - probably above average. The only reason to re-take it would be if you felt like you had room for improvement (i.e., you didn't study/prep at all) in which case boosting your score even more through rigorous prep might help earn you funding. 

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16 hours ago, Ggslpa said:

Can anyone recommend study material that actually helped improve their scores. My scores expire this year and if I dont get accepted i have to retake it. ?

Magoosh all the way!! They have phone apps, books, online resources, etc.

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