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Anyone to evaluate my Issue Task?? please????

Ayesha Ismail

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“Students should fund their education with part-time work that they do while they study.”

I agree with the speaker, as anything which is available at free of cost will loose its value. A student who spends his own money might know to value of class hours and he won’t skip a period in purpose. The student will also try to study well and try to get good grades to not waste his hard earned money he paid for education.

The part-time job if it is relevant to the student’s field of study will definitely improve his knowledge and also he will get a practical knowledge and it will help in his future career.

I is also a fact that spending valuable time in part time jobs rather than studying is not going to improve ones academic scores. Instead of wasting hours in jobs, one can focus in research in his field of study or gain knowledge outside his field of study. Various studies conducted suggest that the relaxation of brain is required for good health and mental ability to learn. Apart from studies and work, we need to allocate a adequate amount of time for our hobbies and entertainment.

Also, a person who is living independently may find it difficult to spend his little earned money on education and satisfying his basic needs as-well. Medicine and Education should be free of cost to ensure that all the citizens irrespective of their financial status could get a proper education.

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