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Admission letter was a "mistake"


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So I applied to a PhD program. A few weeks ago I received unofficial acceptance to the MA program (no official rejection from the PhD, and it was vague, stating that since I didn't have an MA I would be initially accepted to the MA program). A couple days after the unofficial email, I received a letter from the grad school welcoming me to the MA/PhD. It also attached an offer of funding, with a full tuition scholarship. I was ecstatic, and wrote to my POI asking about assistantships. She replied saying I had been admitted to the MA/PhD BY MISTAKE and they would soon be changing it to an admission letter for the MA only. She also said I was nominated for a fellowship within the MA program. So this means...the funding letter (which was separate) was also a mistake?! 

I don't really know what to think. I'm afraid to be hopeful.

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22 hours ago, high_hopes said:

That is very frustrating! I am sorry you have had to experience this -- waiting for admission results is stressful enough, and when there are problems or incorrect information it is much worse.

Can you ask them when your corrected MA admissions letter will be sent?

They said "soon" but that was 5 days ago. Nobody replied to my email or answered the phone. On the web portal, my acceptance letter and funding offer are still up. So frustrating!! They also said most fellowship and TAship decisions aren't made until September, which is WAY too late for me, since I live outside the US and will be moving with my children to whichever city I go to grad school.

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19 hours ago, TBay said:

Sorry to hear that!  Do you have a specific person to send your correspondence to, such as the Program Director?  If you look them up you can usually find an email address and phone number.  I hope this works out for you!

The program hasn't been particularly helpful, mainly because the dept secretary doesn't EVER respond to emails or seem to forward my concerns (and everything goes through her). I have written to the dean of the graduate school, let's see what happens. 

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