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Why to *not* contact the PI if several weeks has passed after an interview?


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If it's been several weeks after your interview, you've already seen other applicants receive offers as per the Results section on GradCafe, and you've also received offer(s) from other programs, could or should you *not* contact POIs you've applied to work with? Why or why not? I've heard both things -- but I'm especially curious why a big consensus seems to be to *not* reach out to these POIs. 

Some more information: I applied to Clinical Psychology PhD programs exclusively, have received an offer and two waitlists, and am waiting to hear back from two schools. One had their interview weekend on 2/2 (PSU) and the other on 2/8 (Albany). I have not heard anything from these programs except for the first one extended initial offers and waitlists around 2/8 and the second one did so around 2/11. This makes me feel that I have potentially been declined admission for both. 

Thanks, everyone!

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I think it’s reasonable to contact them if you prefer those schools over your current acceptance and are holding onto another offer while you await their response. 

I think it’s more of a problem when you email them just because you’re impatient or anxious. In that case, there’s no good reason to contact and it will probably not come across well. 

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I didn't really care. I reached out to my POI to see if I was still in the running, as I had interviewed and was rejected by someone else in the program and wanted to double check if I was rejected from the program or just from that POI since it was unclear. This was a few weeks ago, haven't heard back since and interviews are next week so no miracles there. Did it help? Not really, no. Did it give me peace of mind? Hell yeah, assumed I was rejected and went on to do other things with my life.

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I don't see why it's an issue to email a POI a few weeks after you've interviewed with them, if you're excited about the program. At the end of my interviews, I always asked about when I should expect to hear back. In most cases I heard back before that soft deadline with an acceptance, but with another I waited a few extra days and then emailed my POI directly. He responded quickly that he had offered to another applicant who had accepted. I thanked him for letting me know and felt relieved that I could proceed with other offers. 

I do think it's inappropriate to email a POI you've had no contact with, however. In those cases, I've emailed the grad secretary instead to confirm that I was waitlisted or rejected. 

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