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Is it true that Harvard only has space for 2 spots in the 2019 cycle?


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If true, I think it's something they probably should have told people before they paid their $105 and filled out their applications. That's an unusually small class, right?

I guess I don't really know that much, but what would constrain their space this year so much more than previous years? Availability of supervision? Money? I know it doesn't really work this way, but their endowment is $39 billion, it's hard for me to imagine they really care how whether they disburse two $30+k stipends or five.

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I did see something like this somewhere online recently (maybe one of the main blogs?), although my vague recollection is that they were reducing the size of the incoming class to something like 4, or maybe by half. But I wouldn't trust my memory very far.

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Hi all,

I'm a current grad student at Harvard. We have two confirmed students who have deferred from previous years (separate years actually) who will both be starting in next year's cohort. We usually admit 12 students every year with a short wait list; however, given that we already have two confirmed students for this year, there were admissions offers sent out to 10 other students. There's still the normal short waitlist. The incoming class size for next year will depend on who accepts/rejects the offers. The department typically aims for a class size of about 6 every year. Hope this helps! 

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