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MPP, MPA and MAIR Decisions Decisions for public policy analysis


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Got accepted to Syracuse (MAIR), UCSD (MPP) and Evans (MPA). 

Waiting: Harris (MPP), BU (Masters in Economic Policy), Syracuse (Econ)  and Elliott

Highly interested in public policy analysis and applied approach to policy making.  I am an intl student ideally hoping to work for a think tank

Any suggestions? Recommendations? I am excited to hear about your experiences and thought process. 

Thank you! 

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It depends on what types of policy problems you are interested in. Go to the program websites and check their curriculum. If you are interested in applied methodology in solving complex policy problems, you should choose the institutions who could offer courses in statistics, applied econometrics, program evaluation, cost-benefit analysis, risk analysis, mathematical modeling, and operation research. 

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