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Will there be any possibility to receive a tuition waiver?

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Dear readers,

Hello, I have been recently admitted to Carnegie Mellon University Mechanical Engineering's M.S. - Research Program.

The offer letter says that this program is self-funded and there is no available scholarships or fellowships from the department.

Does it mean that I cannot take a research assistant position from any laboratories?

I thought M.S. students can also receive tuition waive + stipend if they find proper RA position.

This is really big deal cause I cannot afford whole expenditures by myself, and then I should decide the university that I admitted as Ph.D. program...

I am trying to contact with professors asking possible RA position, but I am not sure this is the way that I can get tuition waiver.

Thank you for reading the topic!

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Securing financial aid is typically very hard for master's students. I got the acceptance letter from Case Western University a few days ago and had the similar doubt, therefore, I asked my allotted advisor about it and he said that TA/RA positions are available but preference would be given to Phd students. 


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