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I haven't seen anything really about the SLP program at SLU in the forum and was wondering if anyone knew more about the program or the saint louis area or is a current/past student? Also if anyone knew more about the assistantships and how likely it is to get it // when we would find out about that by!! I would really appreciate anyy info!!!

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I am from the St. Louis area, and I was accepted into SLU to start summer 2019. I went to the graduate open house last semester and will be going to the one this Friday. What in particular would you want to know? I don't know everything but maybe I could help! Assistantships are due April 1st and when I talked to the graduate school director at the open house she said that they try their hardest to get the decisions out by April 15th but it is not guaranteed. 

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15 hours ago, rose2019 said:

How was the open house?

It was nice! The faculty was really friendly! The clinic is in their basement and it was decent! It's pretty dark but has lot of rooms and supplies! 

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