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Prerequisite Classes at Utah State University

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Hey everyone!

I will be taking the following classes online at USU this summer: COMD 3700 (Basic Audiology) and COMD 5070 (Speech Science). 

For those of you who have already taken these classes at USU, how did you enjoy them and what was the level of difficulty? I am asking because I am not sure if I should take a 3rd prerequisite class this summer or wait until next summer to complete it. The third class that I would need to take is anatomy of the speech mechanism.

Any info would be super helpful :)

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I took their online antatomy of the speech and hearing mechanisms and found it to be pretty difficult. Antatomy has never been my forte so maybe that's why, but I believe we had 5 exams that went pretty in depth and took hours and hours of studying for me to only get around a B- average.

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I feel like in pretty much any program, anatomy will be a tough class because of the sheer quantity of memorization required. Those abdominal and back muscles were the worst!

I do think you can probably handle all three at once, though. I did four online courses a semester while working full-time. It kind of sucks, but it can be done!

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My experiences at USU:

Audiology is very straightforward and easy if you know how to read an audiogram.

Speech science is not a lot of work BUT the tests are challenging because you have to understand the material (rather than straight memorization).

Anatomy is not hard but takes up a lot of time for memorizing the material.

I think all 3 together will be doable because there's a variety of difficulties, but obviously this depends on how much other stuff you have going on in your life.

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