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  1. I got into Hunter and TC (didn't apply to Queens or Lehman but I heard they're good programs) a few years ago. People are very nice and have a cooperative atmosphere at both schools, but Hunter students are super close knit because of their small cohort size. TC has more students and you may be split into 2-3 cohorts with different schedules, but you will still interact with each other in clinic or electives. I ended up choosing TC because of a few reasons: 1. TC is well known for its multicultural focus and you only need to take one extra class to satisfy the bilingual extension requirements. I was told that I would need to do an extra semester (of bilingual education classes rather than SLP classes I think) at Hunter to fulfill the requirements. 2. At Hunter you had to work with a faculty and write a thesis in your 2nd year. 3. Prestige. 99% of employers don't care where you go to school but my family did lol. 100k at TC vs 25k at CUNYs is a huge difference so it is definitely important to weigh your options. Hope it was helpful!
  2. I interviewed a few years ago so don't remember much. But it was a group interview (2 faculty & 6 students), the questions were pretty generic but trying to get noticed from 6 people was a little intense. Then we got to do a tour led by current students and it was pretty chill.
  3. I didn't go to NYU but from what I've heard it has no issue with helping students find medical placements... Their own hospitals takes NYU students every semester.
  4. @Leighfslp I've never lived anywhere else so I can't be much help, but we had people from VA and they're doing just fine. Once you get on campus then you can reach out to professors for (relatively few) paid GA positions in their labs.
  5. You should definitely apply this year! Schools will accept you with expectation that you finish the prereqs before the fall so you're fine.
  6. Most of the professors at USU are very willing to do it if you ask early. I asked two professors in September and after providing them with my info they submitted in a week! It's probably rather generic though so I supplemented with a strong recommendation from work.
  7. I used www.proliability.com which was recommended by my school and it was $32 per year.
  8. Like the other poster said above, if the program is good you don't really have to study much in order to pass (when I was studying I realized I already knew most of the stuff from classes and just needed a refresher). And it doesn't necessarily mean that they have bad externship opportunities but it is very competitive to get externships in the NYC area, especially medical placements. If other schools can better prepare their students, why would hospitals need to take students from LIU Brooklyn? If you are inclined to go I would ask about what specific places they have a relationship with.
  9. I'm a current grad student and honestly, it's not super difficult to pass the praxis since they are multiple choice questions and there's a curve. Since other schools in NY have 90-95% praxis passing rate, I would consider the quality of education that you'll be getting at LIU Brooklyn and how that can also possibly affect what kind of externships you will be offered.
  10. @roxthespeechie It's competitive but yes definitely possible! There is a CF at my current placement right now
  11. If you want to get a medical CF in NYC definitely stay here for school. A lot of times people get their medical CF from doing well and making connections at their medical placement. Also it's much easier to get TSSLD by graduating from a NYS school because the school handles a lot of the paperwork for you.
  12. USU's exams are proctored but it's set up through an online system so you don't have to find a proctor nearby. The professor was great but you have to understand the material to do well.
  13. USU! around ~300 per credit I believe and the class is very straightforward.
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