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  1. SLP_2019

    UoP Open House

    Is anyone else planning on attending the open house at University of the Pacific? And are you bringing parents?
  2. SLP_2019


    Did anyone who interviewed with SF State happen to ask when they would be sending out decisions?
  3. SLP_2019

    University of the Pacific decisions??

    What was the priority deadline?
  4. SLP_2019

    Accelerated programs?

    This is the SLP sub forum lol I have been wondering about the timeline as well. I am one of those people that needs a little hand holding before I feel confident so getting in and out of grad school so quickly definitely scares me a bit. I did talk to some recent alum from the accelerated program that I applied to and they didn't seem to express any concern about not being prepared, so that makes me feel a little better going into it, but it probably varies by school.
  5. SLP_2019


    Oh wow, I'm not until late afternoon. I wonder how many people were invited to interview.
  6. SLP_2019


    I will be at the Monday interview as well! I am hoping it will be a little less nerve wracking to be around peers in a group setting.
  7. I have tried several times to search for "university of the pacific" on the results page and it always says there are no results, but if I search just "pacific" then results from UoP show up. I want to search the full name of the university otherwise I get results from Pacific University as well and its annoying to have to sift through to see which results are from the school I'm actually trying to look at. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?
  8. SLP_2019


    Has anyone heard anything from Hawaii? I had an interview weeks ago and haven't heard anything since. There are barely any posts about the program on the forum or results page. I am hoping that means less competition since they accept so few people anyways, but who knows. I thought they said they would be sending out decisions this week, but I was so nervous during the interview I barely remember what they said
  9. SLP_2019

    Plan B

    I am applying to teach english abroad! I know I'll need some time to heal from the heartbreak of rejection if I don't get in anywhere, and I think it will be a good resume builder for if I decide to apply again, especially if I am able to become fluent in another language. Hopefully I won't need a Plan B though 😬
  10. SLP_2019

    SDSU and UoP

    I believe if your portal has a rejection, that is probably going to be the final result, at least that is what I am assuming for myself. I think they probably didn't want to send anything official out yet because they still have applications to get through and want to give themselves some wiggle room to make changes if need be, but overall I think if it was already inputted in the system to accidentally be sent out, its probably not going to change.
  11. SLP_2019

    SDSU and UoP

    Last year they sent out acceptances and rejections starting on a Friday, so maybe we'll hear tomorrow. Good luck everyone!
  12. SLP_2019

    SDSU and UoP

    Thanks for the update. Can I ask how you found that out? From what I can see only 1 person has received a decision so far this cycle.
  13. SLP_2019

    SDSU and UoP

    Anyone hear anything from San Diego State or University of the Pacific? Both schools sent out their decisions around this time last year but I haven't seen anything posted on grad cafe or heard anything. Just curious if anyone has reached out to either department or gotten any updates since applying. I did see on SDSU's website they state that: "Admission decisions will be made by mid-March, and you will be notified via e-mail by early April." That seems super late to me, I hope they go out sooner than that.
  14. SLP_2019

    University of the Pacific decisions??

    Looks like on the results page one person got accepted. But other than that looks like no news so far. Last year admissions came out around this time so I'm hoping for good news soon. Good Luck!
  15. SLP_2019

    UNC Chapel Hill

    It hasn't always been there, I uploaded my updated transcripts last week and those weren't options. Trying not to read too much into it though. Usually I would agree to assume the worst but there's still only one acceptance reported, which makes me think there may still be reason to hope? Either way I think we'll find out tomorrow

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