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AirBnB in Vancouver

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I will be attending a conference in Vancouver in June 2019. I took a look at the hotel prices, and they're much much higher than the prices of my hometown hotels in Quebec. I was wondering if any of you had any experiences to share re: AirBnB in Vancouver (seems like the cheapest option). I will be travelling alone, and as a woman, I feel somewhat uncomfortable and less safe to sleep in a place that's not an hotel..


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I haven't used AirBnB in Vancouver: I have in other cities and usually it is OK. However there can be some privacy concerns depending on the accommodation situation. Have you looked at lodging at UBC or SFU? Often universities have cheaper rooms in their residences during the summer available for short stays, and particularly for conferences.

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I stayed in an Airbnb in the Coquitlam area about a year ago. It was really nice and I felt very safe as a woman traveling solo! There were several private rooms (with locks) and a shared bathroom. However, I just checked the listing to see if it is still up, and it looks like the owners now rent the entire place out instead of individual private rooms. Otherwise, I would've offered to PM you the link.

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