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Accept or defer? Psychology at Claremont Graduate University, Columbia, and Wisconsin


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Hey, cafe-goers!

I find myself in a weird position with my grad school apps (don't we all?). Here's my current breakdown. All of these programs are related to industrial-organizational psychology (but not necessarily named that):

1) I'm waitlisted at Columbia (!!!)
2) I've been rejected at Wisconsin, but only because of a 1-year budget shortfall. They've strongly encouraged me to apply again.
3) I've been accepted to Claremont Graduate University...to their MA program. The catch? The program isn't funded. And I have a masters in another field.

While I'm waiting to find out if I get off of the waitlist at Columbia, I'm trying to decide what to do about my other options. Should I pay for the second MA, get a credential in the right field, and reapply to other programs? Should I defer for a year at CGU, go back to work, and apply again with the academic credentials I have? 

The program at CGU looks AMAZING, and I've seen firsthand that the students are getting a great education. But if I pay for an MA...I'm worried that will put a PhD financially out of reach. 

What do you think?


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Is your master's in a related field, or an unrelated one?

Particularly if you've only applied to 3 programs this year, I'd personally encourage you not to take an unfunded MA and just apply again next year to a wider range of schools.

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Thank you! My MA is in a related social science...but which one isn't? I've been able to talk them into some funding, but still the price tag makes me a bit nervous--but I can tell the program really seems top notch.

Since we've made it to The April 15th, I'm hoping waitlisted students will hear back soon! 

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