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Accept online offer now or apply next cycle to residential program

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I just received a call from ENMU that I was taken off the waitlist and accepted. I said yes but will call back with final decision. It was my last choice but now its my only choice for starting fall 2019 or else I will apply to a different program that is in my state and residential for Spring 2020, whose program I love. I am unsure about this hybrid-online program but mainly worried about the online portion. I have had bad classes in undergrad that were online and I am hesitant on fully accepting. If you are part of an online program please help me. Is the ENMU hybrid-online program good? Any information on the program or any online program would be of great help!

Edit: After researching and talking to someone in the program at ENMU I have decided to accept this offer. One positive note is not having to endure the long application process again.  

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I was going to tell you that you shouldn't worry about accepting the offer and take it...but you have so yay! One of my coworkers did the ENMU hybrid program and it worked out great for her. She loved her time there and although it was online, she still made some good friends with others in the program. She was able to work part-time which helped out a LOT as a newlywed. 

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