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  1. I have also accepted ENMU for the Fall hybrid-online program!
  2. I was just accepted off the waitlist yesterday!
  3. I just received a call from ENMU that I was taken off the waitlist and accepted. I said yes but will call back with final decision. It was my last choice but now its my only choice for starting fall 2019 or else I will apply to a different program that is in my state and residential for Spring 2020, whose program I love. I am unsure about this hybrid-online program but mainly worried about the online portion. I have had bad classes in undergrad that were online and I am hesitant on fully accepting. If you are part of an online program please help me. Is the ENMU hybrid-online program good? Any information on the program or any online program would be of great help! Edit: After researching and talking to someone in the program at ENMU I have decided to accept this offer. One positive note is not having to endure the long application process again.
  4. Hi! I am from California and waitlisted as well. Did you receive an email or call from the department? I hope I will receive some good news soon. Congrats on being accepted!!
  5. Yes, I believe so. Though CSUN has an online distance program and a residential program. So one cohort per program. Residential program is closed but you can still apply to the online distance program I think you have a few months left.
  6. Hi, I am a CSUN Bachelor's graduate. The only information I know is that the MAT is easier and shorter than the GRE (As per Dr. Hall; I have only taken the GRE). CSUN is the only school I know that accepts the MAT.
  7. Hi everyone, not even an hour ago I received a general email from ENMU. I have been placed on the waiting list. It states "if a prospective student declines our offer, a seat may become available during May, June, or July. We send new admission letters and phone prospective candidates as this occurs."
  8. Hi everyone, not even an hour ago I received a general email from ENMU. I have been placed on the waiting list. It states "if a prospective student declines our offer, a seat may become available during May, June, or July. We send new admission letters and phone prospective candidates as this occurs."
  9. @SFSU Fall 2018 Good to hear I'm not alone. Thank you. I am applying for Speech-Language Pathology.
  10. Hi @Blossom19 I wish I could help but I actually have not been contacted about an interview. I am unsure when I will be contacted if at all. The only email I have received from CSUEB is a Financial Aid Award Letter, but I have not received an acceptance letter so I am just confused if receiving this email means I have been accepted. If I get any new information I will be sure to update on here.
  11. I am from SoCal but applied to East Bay and Fresno State. Last night I received an email from East Bay regarding a Financial Aid Award Letter and in the first line it says "We are excited to welcome you to the Pioneer community." I haven't received an acceptance or rejection letter from them so I am wondering if this was sent by accident or out of order. Has anyone else heard anything from East Bay? Also still waiting to hear from Fresno's program. I hope we all hear something soon.
  12. At CSU Northridge they had a class like this that I took called "Physics of Music". Plus the one I took was online through my undergrad as a requirement. I loved this course! @NYorker If you can find a physics of sound or music course it would be very beneficial in our field.
  13. I finally received a status report from Long Beach so that makes me hopeful. It still says my application is being reviewed though.
  14. I haven't received anything yet either!
  15. I saw some Long Beach interview invites on the results page too. I still haven't received anything from Long Beach and I tried to do the Applicant Self Service today and for some reason I haven't received the status reports I sent myself. It has worked many other times before but not today. Weird. I hope we all hear something soon.
  16. @joannly Thank you so much for all the information; it is extremely helpful!!
  17. Hi! I did my undergrad at CSUN. Did you apply to the residential program or the online distance program? I have yet to hear from any of my schools yet. Also for Long Beach did you find out in an email or on the applicant services portal? Thank you for any information. Good Luck!
  18. Hi! I haven't received anything since my application was sent and everything was received. In the last email I believe it mentioned selection letters will be sent 60 days from the deadline, so I believe they still have one more month. Is there a portal? I know whatever login information I had while creating the application does not work on their student portal. I still haven't heard from any of the others programs I have applied to either, but they are all CA schools which tend to send decisions later than most other programs. I hope we all hear something soon.
  19. You're Welcome! I am sure the director will help you figure out how to improve for next time! Good Luck!
  20. I did this after I was not accepted off the waiting list. I was a little scared to message them at first but in the end, was glad I did. She went over my stats and told me where I was good and where I could improve. What made me want to apply again for that program and work harder on my application for next time was when she said: "You were VERY CLOSE". As I applied while still completing my final semester of undergraduate that also drove me to focus on my classes to get the best grades I could so I could stand out when I applied again. Also, take this opportunity to see if your program can recycle your application, statement/essay, and LOR's if you want to keep them or resubmit.
  21. Thanks! I'm hoping it was the right decision or if I should have explored more private or out of state schools. Congrats on Northern Arizona and Emerson! Good luck with your remaining programs!
  22. It could have just been my advisor. California State Universities have lower tuition than most out of state programs. I was thinking of applying to East Coast schools where I used to live but out of state cost plus living expenses, and airfare made it more expensive. Also, he mentioned when you finish your Master's program in another state you will be licensed for that state but if you wanted to practice and work in California its better to graduate from a school in California than for example, Florida. Please ask your advisor or Master's Program for what their policies are so you are well informed to make your decision. Here is an ASHA link I found with some information about state-by-state licensing: https://www.asha.org/advocacy/state/StateTeacherCredentialingRequirements/
  23. Hi! I also applied to ENMU and haven't heard anything yet.
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