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Ways you know the wait is getting to you

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1. Every time someone says "crap shoot", you envision a professor throwing all applications in a toilet, aiming a shotgun at the toilet, firing, and making a decision based on what splashes out.

2. You have spies (friends) at your favorite schools "volunteer" to envelope letters for the department.

3. You've developed a composite set of department rankings based on the dozens of other rankings that are out there.

4. You know the names of the departmental secretaries at all schools by heart.

5. You're convinced that all postings on the results page regarding schools from which you haven't heard are lies, because your hidden web cams show that the committees are still meeting.

6. You begin to wonder what sort of placement you could get with a degree from University of Phoenix Online

7. You've created a text message system to notify friends/family of every decision... even if they don't care.

8. You installed an alarm system to let you know when the mail arrives.

9. People have started betting as to your odds of getting into certain programs, just so they have a reason to pretend to care when you rant.

10. You check your email so often that sometimes you don't even need to re-enter your password.

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11. All plans for further than a week away are contingent on the state and results of pending decisions.

12. You have started developing baseball player style superstitions - lucky clothing, counting, other OCD habits.

13. You don't go out so you can obsessively check.

14. You go out for the sole purpose of avoiding obsessively checking.

15. Your filing system for your applications, responses, etc., is a complex system you created and refined over multiple months.

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17. You have a least five screens open on your computer at any given time: one for your personal email, one for the results page of gradcafe, one for the poly sci forum page of grad cafe, one for the results page for yuster, and one for your work email (which is there only for you to click on really fast when your boss walks by).

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26. You check your mailbox first at the exact time they start sorting the mail, wait patiently by it for 15 minutes checking periodically, go get lunch, come back after an hour to check again... then stop by to check one last time in the evening just in case they did their sorting late that day.

27. Your facebook status may as well be renamed your grad school status

28. You spend an entire day carefully crafting an email expressing that you would indeed like to attend the visiting weekend

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30. You have a friend, currently taking a seminar course with your dream adviser at your dream Ph.D program, sending said dream adviser subliminal, telepathic messages under the assumption that "every little bit helps." (Folks, this really works!)

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I laughed so hard at this tears acutally ran down my face. I don't know if it is REALLY that funny, or if I am simply starting to lose it from all the waiting games.

31. Every morning when you wake up your first thought is "Maybe I will hear back today".

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