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Best Way to Approach References + Interfolio Dossier

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Hey everybody, Im looking to apply to various programs and have been doing research + getting everything ready etc etc .... 
I already have 3 reference letters(2 profs who taught me + 1 who supervised me for honors thesis)  from last year as I applied to medical school and didnt get(yay) in and im just going to ask the referees to make some adjustments in the letter to fit grad schools if needed.

Main question is how is everyone generally going through with the process of getting the letters and how many schools are you applying to.

Also has anyone used interfolio ? Im thinking of putting my reference letters on there if possible as to not bother my references.. However I've also heard most schools dont accept it.

* I'm just slightly worried about my referees having to upload their letters 10 different times*

On that note how many programs everyone generally applying to at once, i understand this varies for everyone situation but I just want to hear some general feedback

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